Horses’ Mouths – 7 January 2015

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Zahid’s letter to FBI

Calls upon Zahid to explain seem to have fallen on deaf ears. The Inspector-General of Police (Khalid Abu Bakar) has also chosen to avoid making comments on the matter. Zahid wrote the letter in his official capacity as minister of home affairs. So, the prime minister, as head of government, must now be accountable and take full responsibility for the actions of his minister.

Gobind Singh Deo, Puchong MP, demanding answer from Prime Minister Najib Razak as Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi continues to keep mum on his letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)


Sarawak’s redelineation

This are six redelineation exercises and the same process has been in place. If we include all information in the maps, it will be a mess.

Abdul Aziz Yusoff, Election Commission chairperson, on the Election Commission's re-delineation maps for the Sarawak 


Why didn't they give a full map? And why was this map not displayed online as well?

Wong Chin Huat, Bersih spokeperson


Mat Rempit

My home in Kuala Lumpur is by the road side and in the middle of the night we can hear motorcycles going very fast. It goes on for very long so people must be racing in the middle of the road... We really must do something because Najib and I cannot sleep because of the noise. It's fine if it is in the afternoon but this is at 2am.

Rosmah Mansor, Prime Minister’s wife, claiming Mat Rempits have robbed her and her husband of a good night’s sleep



After reading the PMO's reply, I find it hard to believe them. Is the PMO telling the truth? I doubt it. This report is wrong. This is not my comment but that of a reader (who posted it) under the title 'Justifikasi penggunaan pesawat kerajaan oleh PM (PM’s justification on using government jet).

Zainuddin Maidin, former minister, denying that he had accused the Prime Minister's Office of lying about the government jet used by Najib Abdul Razak


14K Triad

Nevertheless, if there are Malaysians associated with the group abroad, it's beyond national legislation. The Home Ministry will neither sympathise nor compromise even if the individuals concerned are Malaysians and involved with triad gambling activities.

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Home Minister, stressing that his ministry would not compromise with Malaysians linked to the triads and an international drug trafficking syndicate known as the '14K Triad'


MIC turmoil

I was shocked by the revelation that the president had met with the director-general of ROS alongside Senator V Subramaniam (popularly known as Barat Maniam) and passed a letter on behalf of the MIC on Dec 24.

S Subramaniam, MIC deputy president, expressing "shock" over the party president, G Palanivel’s decision to act on his own in meeting the Registrar of Societies (ROS) over the party's re-election order

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