Flood damage - Horses’ Mouths – 12 January 2015

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Flood damage

The cost of damages is easily RM 500 million. But when you include the rebuilding of the structures, I think it can go up to RM 900 million maybe.

S Subramaniam, Health Minister, claiming the cost of rebuilding hospitals, clinics and health centres affected by the floods - which hit Kelantan and Pahang the worst - would amount to almost RM1 billion in rough estimation


Zahid’s letter to FBI

I will not say anything. Let today be the occasion for the courts. Otherwise, (when) you suddenly come out with something else, you belittle the court's affairs. I will answer you when you approach me next time.

Abdul Gani Patail, Attorney-General, refusing to comment on Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's letter to the American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) vouching for a suspected 14K triad member


The inspector-general of police (IGP) cannot just zip up in silence. He must respond. Did the police make a very big mistake or not? If the police did, then own up to it. If they didn't, the inspector-general of police must defend his force. He must strike back and tell both Shafee and Zahid they are wrong.

Gobind Singh Deo, Puchong MP, stressing that Malaysian police cannot allow its integrity to remain at stake by refusing to address claims that it provided wrong information to the US' Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) about alleged gambling kingpin Paul Phua


Caymans money

The chairman of the Board of Directors recently issued a statement confirming that the remainder would be redeemed within the coming months. The process to do so has already commenced, and we will make an announcement as soon as this has been completed.

1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB), refuting claims that it had misled auditors its Cayman Islands funds



I am happy to announce that Halim Shafie has agreed to come on board again. His tenure will be for two years and I have assigned specific tasks for him to achieve. These include looking at good governance, which is in line with the government's efforts for all ministries and agencies.

Ahmad Shabery Cheek, Communications and Multimedia Minister, on appointing former chairperson of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), Halim Shafie, as the new chairperson of MCMC for a two-year term


Jakim promoting extremism “every Friday”?

If he meant Friday sermons, then this is an insult to all the Muslims. I urge that this tweet be deleted and for him to apologise to all Muslims who had been insulted by this.

Muhammad Khalil Abdul Hadi, PAS Youth deputy chief, on the controversial tweet by Lawyers for Liberty (LFL) executive director Eric Paulsen that the National Islamic Development Department (Jakim) is promoting extremism "every Friday"


Sarawak re-deneliation

The EC has yet to receive any objections ad proposals those who are qualified to do so according to the federal constitution.

Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusoff, Election Commission chief, insisting that the 11 Sarawak constituencies proposed in the ongoing redelineation exercise can be used in the next state election that must be called by June 2016

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