Urgent Appeal regarding the winter storm hitting Gaza Strip

Eng. Mohammad Y.Hasna, Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) | .

Dear brothers and sisters,

The Department of Humanitarian Affairs within the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Gaza Strip is sending you its best regards and appreciation appraising highly your role in serving Palestinian people.

We would like to inform you that a strong storm is hitting Gaza Strip since four days causing displacement of hundreds of citizens from their homes, in addition to sinking of entire neighborhoods with rainwater.

Moreover, another stronger storm is expected to hit the Strip today, and according to authorities they have reported the following:

The snow storm, Huda which recently hit the region with temperatures that plummeted to about 4 Degrees, caused the deaths of four Palestinians, three of which were infants between the ages of 1 to 4 months old in Gaza strip.

The families of infants reportedly continued living in their damaged home despite the destruction. Due to lack of alternative shelter, many of the nearly 110,000 Palestinians left homeless by last Israeli aggression have done the same, including many living in just tents

- More than 1500 houses were damaged partially in the various governorates of Gaza Strip and in urgent need for restoration and repair.

- Many homes were damaged - are not counted yet – with dissimilar damages regarding housing and infrastructure.

- There are huge damages within the greenhouses and agricultural lands, which caused huge losses for farmers.

- There are big damages in many streets, infrastructures, power lines and sewage stations.

- Pools of water collection are full with rainwater, which indicates a humanitarian disaster as the Strip is still under the beginning of winter season.

There is an urgent need to help those families through:

-  Providing blankets and heating necessities.

-  Providing Sleeping mattresses.

- Providing winter Clothes.

-providing Nylon to cover the windows.

- providing Food parcels.

- Compensate farmers immediately.  

- Urgent restoration and rehabilitation for the damaged houses.

There is also an urgent need to provide municipalities with:

- Diesel fuel which is needed to run the pumps and the machines which help in the creation of ponds and storm water drainage.

- There is an urgent need for 20 pumps with capacity of 400 cup per hour to manage these crises.

The department of Humanitarian Affairs in the OIC appreciates the joint work with the international organizations and bodies, which are proactive in charitable work and donations for needy people; therefore the Department of Humanitarian Affairs OIC in Gaza Strip is calling all these organizations to provide its urgent assistance to the trapped people in Gaza Strip. On the other hand Gaza office is offering its capabilities and services for concerned organizations, which intends to offer aid in order to achieve the instant delivery of humanitarian assistance to achieve the maximum benefit for  people.

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