Problems get bigger for the Premier- but will he retire?

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The Prime Minister must surely be having a big, big headache. He is saddled with too many problems, notwithstanding his own attitude of delaying things, or flip-flopping time and again.

His Home minister is in trouble because serious allegations have been directed at him. The minister has been silent on the discovery of a letter purportedly issued to absolve a triad member, a Malaysian, Phua Wei Seng, based in Macau over alleged criminal activity. The member is now under custody of the US authorities for involvement in a triad known as 14K. One more “feather in the cap” for Malaysia for bad publicity following the three aircraft tragedies?

Now what is this 14K triad? It is said to be a triad group based in Hong Kong but active all over the world. Supposedly it is the second largest in the world with a membership of about 25,000 members and has several subgroups. The triad is responsible for international drug trafficking besides also being involved in a host of other illegal activities like illegal gambling, loan sharking, money laundering, murder, prostitution, human trafficking, illegal arms trafficking and counterfeiting activities among others. The US authorities nabbed Phua in Las Vegas and apparently were also relying on information given by Malaysian police way back in 2008 about him before making the arrest.

What irks all Malaysians is why the minister had to come out with a letter of support sent directly to the FBI to absolve Phua of involvement in 14K? Using the excuse that there is no 14K in Malaysia simply does not mean that this person is not involved at the international level. What would the minister say of those Malaysians who have become members of the militant extremist group Islamic State (IS) and operate in the Middle East but not in Malaysia? IS does not exist in Malaysia but it is still a crime for being involved in it at the global level. Isn’t this double standard?

Besides this pressing issue which is cracking the PM’s head, he must surely be also finding it very difficult to explain and justify why a government jet that brought him to Hawaii in his golf rendezvous with Obama did not immediately return home with him? According to reliable sources the jet made stops at several other cities around the world in America, Europe, the Gulf, and Asia. Social media is abuzz over who continued with the journey enjoying life while poor East Coast Malaysians were reeling from the worst ever floods in several decades to hit them. Apparently all the “concern” shown by the premier and the ‘other’ is just for show when he himself is reported to have been in Thailand “shopping and golfing” just very recently while Malaysians of all walks of life are busy organising and sending relief to the badly-stricken victims of the recent massive floods, some even going on their own or under their organization’s banner to ensure that those most affected would not be left alone. This is not to say that the Federal government is not doing anything, it is, but the premier as chief executive must account for the wastage of journeying around the world when that resource should have been put to better use to help the people of Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang and Perak.

He must also be feeling very guilty for not having declared a state of emergency at the height of the floods so that the state’s entire resources could have been mobilized for flood relief operations and in a very systematic manner. It also exposes the farce of Umno’s “membela Melayu” (serving the Malays) when the majority of those affected were Malays but couldn’t even have the top leader to declare an emergency to fully assist them in the most effective way.

There are many more including the 1MDB issue, the impending implementation of GST that is going to make the ordinary people suffer, and of course the sharp fall in oil prices that is going to affect the economy very badly.

So will Najib quietly let go because he has failed?

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