Now why was she killed?

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On the surface of it, the Altantuya murder case looks like it has come to an end with the Federal Court overturning the Appeals Court judgement and hence sending the two accused over the murder to the gallows.

This case of course has been among the most controversial in Malaysian history. The accused were always brought to court totally covered that no one could make out who they were but after the final verdict their faces have been revealed to the public.

 And from the public’s viewpoint the hooded images were not the only issue. More fundamental was the manner in which the case took its turns. And one must remember that over the past 9 odd years this high profile case has been raising more questions than giving answers to the general public. Even after the final verdict that was given on 13th January, the public is not convinced that this murder was just another of its kind.

There have been other high profile cases that also took a long time to be heard at the courts but their verdicts have not really caused as much concern or controversy as the Altantuya case. In 1993, Mona Fandey, her husband and assistant killed Dato Mazlan Idris, a former Pahang State assemblyman and chopped up his body into 18 pieces. Apparently, the bomoh duo of Mona and her husband assisted by their loyal servant, Juraimi Hussin, had been ‘in this business’ for quite some time, Mazlan being the last to be killed before the three were arrested for the gruesome murder.

We also have the case of cosmetics millionaire, Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya, who was killed alongside her two colleagues and her driver in Banting in 2010. Apparently she had gone there with some RM 4 million to meet a lawyer over a land deal. In the end however they were all killed by the lawyer and his assistants where their bodies were burned and the ashes thrown into a river.

In both these cases, the motive for the killings were established – pure greed to obtain money that the victims had with them. Dato Mazlan on the day he was killed had just withdrawn RM 200,000 when he went to Mona’s house. Datuk Sosilawati had brought with her RM 4 million. But in Altantuya’s case, no motive has been established.

And that is precisely why nobody believes the version that the Umno-controlled media is trying to put out. Right from day one this case has raised many, many questions that have not been answered at all.

And now these two ex-cops are to die. And the father of Altantuya is simply asking “why kill my daughter”? In this Bolehland of ours, nobody is obliged to answer this burning question. One can only say then there was no motive at all?

This would imply that Malaysia is definitely becoming a dangerous place to live. Why? Because madmen are out there and can just kill anyone at will. There does not have to be a reason, because mad people do not know why they do a certain thing. Perhaps the duo should not be hung but sent to the mental hospital because only mad people would kill for no reason.

And that is the state of affairs in our country. Some people sarcastically comment that the tragedies befalling the nation must be because of “the ghost of Altantuya”.

But who takes heed of all this?

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