Egypt: Mass death sentences condemned

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid, MAPIM president | .

The Consultative Council of Islamic Organization (MAPIM) condemns the death sentence meted out to the 183 detained Ikhwan Muslimin supporters issued by the Egyptian court recently on the charge of killing police officers.

The conviction is clearly political to quash dissenting voices against the military installed President of Egypt Fatah Al Sisi. During the upheaval which demonstrated  the people's objection to the  army's toppling of Egypt's former President Mohamed Morsi , they were confronted with a brutal response by the security forces in Kardasa 2013.

The world is witnessing an oppressor reasserting its brutality against unarmed protestors. Al Sisi has killed the revolution that had given hope to millions of Egyptians to see a much more democratic Egypt.

The security forces violently dismantled two massive protest camps supporting Morsi in Cairo, killing hundreds of protesters in clashes.

In December 2014 the court issued its preliminary verdict against 188 defendants in a mass trial and was roundly condemned by rights groups.

This is indeed a grave situation, halting any perceived hopes that Egypt could see a new era of people's improvement in developing the Egypt dream for economic and social advancement.

The mass death sentences was issued without any room for evidence against each person and the  judges are convicting defendants en masse without regard for fair trial standards. The Egypt's judiciary has lost its independence.

We are completely shocked by the conduct of the court which shows no credibilty in administering justice for those charged . In April 2014, Egyptians and the whole world were astounded when a court passed down 683 death sentences in one trial.

This systemic suppression of oponents is without doubt a total disregard of any democratic neither of any human rights principles.

Currently thousands of Brotherhood supporters have been arrested and put on mass trials in a campaign which human rights groups say shows the government is systematically repressing opponents.

President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is rampaging the nation with his ultimate goal of wiping out any opponents especially from the Brotherhood.

We call on :
1. The Egyptian judiciary to return its credibilty to administer justice based on integrity , impartiality and independence of the court.

2. The trials in absentia must not be allowed to be conducted as the charges put against the detainees are death penalties.

3. The international community must intervene to pressure Egypt to conduct a retrial on those sentenced to death and allow them to have access to a fair trial.

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