Move on, March to Freedom, Onwards to Putrajaya!

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He may have lost the battle in court but he has won the hearts of millions of Malaysians and strengthened the resolve to continue fighting against the most corrupt, unjust and oppressive Umno-BN system.

Somehow, while harbouring hope that Anwar would have his appeal upheld and hence released, there were signs already from day one that Umno had gone into full gear to ensure that Anwar would be out of the political scene fast. This could be seen from the manner in which an appeal was immediately filed upon his release at the High Court and when this came up at the Appeals Court he was found guilty in a rush last March.

Anwar has been the most vocal and visible symbol of the Opposition's resurgence and is the most potent political threat to Najib as well as to Umno. This was evidenced since the last two general elections when the Pakatan Rakyat that he led seized a sizeable share of the popular vote, in fact, surpassing the ruling party’s at 52% at the 2013 election.

Now that they have condemned Anwar to jail, it is no use for Malaysians to continue talking about the case and how grossly unfair it was. Any student of law would have observed this. Imagine calling the accuser ‘a credible witness’ when he could subvert his own religion to say what he had to say about Anwar?  Remember how he had not washed himself for days after the alleged incident, hence raising the question as to how he could have performed his daily prayers? Remember also how he could sit and eat curry puff and have tea with Anwar as he claimed after the alleged incident? Now how could a “pious” Muslim have done that? Nobody seems to be bothered about this very serious breach in the practice of the religion. That is why when one finds someone talking and referring too much to religion, one should be aware; it may just be to fool the ignorant.

Right now it is for civil society and for Pakatan and the NGOs to move forward in the fight for justice. There are far too many outstanding issues that need attention – the electoral boundary re-delineation, the 1 MDB issue, the fight to abolish the Sedition Act and the implementation of GST to name a few. All these need action and Malaysians must continue with the struggle.

Anwar may have left a gap, but we must not allow the oppressors to do what they want. The movement for change launched under ‘ubah’ at the last election must continue.

And now we have Anwar's second daughter, Nurul Nuha coming on and joining the wave of people who want to free this beloved country of ours from the oppressive, corrupt Umno-BN regime. She launched on Feb 11 a "March to Freedom" campaign, backed by her five siblings. This must be supported wholeheartedly.

What would Anwar have wanted if he had gone to jail? Surely he would have wanted us all to continue the agenda for change. No more lamenting on how unjust they had been – that is already well known to us all. What is important is to make Anwar ‘happy’ by ensuring that the torch for justice in this country continues to burn and the struggle continues.

Move on, march to freedom, onwards to Putrajaya!

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