Sirul - Horses’ Mouths – 23 February 2015

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Teleconference with Sirul

Yes, it will still continue to be on.

Mahfuz Omar, PAS information chief, reiterating that the teleconferencing between the media and former police commando Sirul Azhar Omar will be held today at 11:30am at PAS headquarters



PasMa is like beras hampa (empty rice grains). This faulty items have no value, in Kelantan no one will buy it if we sell if at the night market. We know the background of those in PasMa. They are problematic, so it is not right for PAS members to listen to what they have to say to the extent of turning their backs on the advise of the Syura Council and Ulama wing.

Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah, Kelantan Deputy Menteri Besar


PAS Chempaka candidate

The names of the potential candidates are coming in now. God willing, the shortlist will be ready in a week.

Ahmad Yakob, Kelantan PAS commissioner


Tuan Ibrahim’s reminder

Muktamar had decided to continue on the spirit of ulamak leadership as well as to work within Pakatan Rakyat, and not with Umno. So, no one should try to pit PAS leaders and members against each other with all sorts of allegations and create aspersions against party leaders. It will only harm the party and please our enemies.

Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, PAS vice president, reminding party members on the party decisions agreed in previous PAS general assembly


Attempt to subvert Anwar’s trial?

Sorry, I am not making any more comments. Let the people judge.

Jude Pereira, the investigating officer in the Sodomy II case, refusing to make any further comments apart from a handwritten account published in the Malaysia Today blog, alleging an attempt to subvert the case's trial by My Watch chairperson R Sri Sanjeevan


We talked about old times and regarding how Pereira wanted to be a practicing lawyer. I also told him that Sanjeevan wanted to meet him. Pereira later told me that he met Sanjeevan and the latter asked him to issue a press release about there being a conspiracy against Anwar.

Musa Hassan, former IGP, confessing that he did arrange for Sanjeevan and Pereira to meet at his house in Petaling Jaya


I should have known better than to trust these two individuals, Musa Hassan and Jude Pereira.

R Sri Sanjeevan, MyWatch chairperson, claiming that a Malaysia Today posting that he had met Sodomy II investigator Jude Pereira to urge the police officer to release a statement claiming conspiracy is a "complete lie"

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