Tok Guru – You may be gone but you will always remain in our hearts

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The immense outpouring of grief and the innumerable notes and messages of condolence, sorrow and loss over the demise of Tok Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat is testimony to the greatness of this personality who during his lifetime sacrificed every ounce of his energy to seeing the emergence of a better society and nation based on the principles and universal values of Islam.

He was missed not only by Malaysians of all walks of life but also the international community who had known him particularly Islamic organizations and movements. His was indeed an illustrious lifetime that showed dedication to moulding people to becoming better citizens, people who would be incorruptible, follow high moral standards and know the purpose of life in this temporary world.

As stressed by the PAS Information chief, it has been rather odd that while he was alive, Umno leaders and the Umno-controlled mainstream media in particular would continually run him down and put him in a bad light, but the moment he breathed his last, he has been eulogized by this very same propaganda tools.

At least now those who still harboured doubts or had any misgivings about such leadership in our country should be able to see the truth. In death Tok Guru has proven the man he really is, not what he was painted to be by his political adversaries.

So where do we go now from here, now that the nation and the rakyat are without such a leader as the Tok Guru, and not forgetting that our other leader who is the inspiration for a better Malaysia, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI) has been sent to jail? Surely the people cannot just leave matters as they are.

What is of utmost importance now then is for the rakyat to continue the momentum of change until the dinosaurian BN regime is packed away into history. This would be the most rewarding of actions in remembrance of Tok Guru. This too is what DSAI wants of us, hence his continuous reminder of “not surrendering”. So how can we “surrender” either?

Tok Guru’s austere characteristics must become a source of strength; therefore those wanting to continue his struggle better emulate his simplicity and his austerity so that the struggle bears fruit. It would be unthinkable that victory would be at hand if one talks about struggle for justice and a new Malaysia but at the same time is unable to dislodge oneself from the trappings of materialism, power and luxury. Remember that despite being the chief minister of a state, the Tok Guru remained as humble and simple a man that won the people over. This is an important lesson for all of us.

Tok Guru, you may be gone, but you will always remain in our hearts. You will continue to inspire us. And we will work hard to ensure your hope for a Malaysia based on strong moral values like good governance, justice, rule of law and piety would become reality.

May Allah the Almighty give us the strength and resilience for this very important mission.

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