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NOWADAYS (perhaps I am getting older and often seeing 'dramatic events' in our country) I have 'an uneasy feeling' each time during the weekly 'khutbah Jumaat' (Friday sermon) which at its end the 'khatib' (person who delivers the sermon) would engage in a 'du'a (supplication) which among others would read: "Ya Allah, limpahkan rahmat dan maghfirah kepada pemimpin-pemimpin kami yang telah menjalankan hukum hakam-Mu dengan kebenaran dan keadilan..." (O Allah, give Your blessing and forgiveness to our leaders who have carried out Your laws with truth and justice...)

The 'uneasy feeling' creeps inside my mind - am I going to recite 'Ameen' or not? In my mind I question myself - have our leaders upheld, obeyed and carried out Allah's Law and with truth and justice...? If they had done their part or had at least showed their sincerity, had the spirit and had worked hard towards it, insya-Allah (God Willing) my heart would 'not have been confused', but if it were the opposite, I would hear my heart beating hard...telling myself...’please do not be a liar...who are you going to lie to’? To Allah SWT? 

So dear readers, what's your attitude or action when the 'khatib' reads this 'du'a'? Do you recite 'Ameen' or not? As for me I am very, very confused especially after seeing and witnessing several 'dramatic events' lately. One night during a question and answer session in a tazkirah I posed this question to the ustaz  and to which among others he answered:

"'Du'a' is an 'ibadat' (act of good deed that would be rewarded by Allah SWT). The important thing is that we do our supplication. We ask for Allah's forgiveness, blessing, help and guidance. We ask Allah SWT to show us and our leaders His true Path; we 'du'a' that our leaders would carry out our Allah's orders and stay away from what He had forbidden us...well we only say our 'du'a'.

"Even to the non-Muslims too we can make our 'du'a'; that is to ask Allah SWT to open up their hearts and minds so that they can see the we just make our 'du'a'...So continue our 'du'a' hoping that Allah SWT would open the hearts of our leaders to see the truth in putting into practice all aspects of Islamic teaching including its hudud laws."

I was not satisfied with the 'ustaz's answer, but as 'his unlearned but obedient pupil' (well I am just a layman with a secular background) I felt that I should do my best to see the truth in what the 'ustaz' had said. Perhaps my heart 'was tainted black' (because of my sins) thus I was unable 'to digest' what the 'ustaz' had explained.

Also perhaps my understanding of the issue was not at par to what the 'ustaz' had explained; I tried to coax myself but the phrasing or wording of the 'du'a' during the 'khutbah Jumaat', "telah (had) menjalankan hukum-hakam-Mu dengan kebenaran dan keadilan" kept on ringing inside my mind and again during the weekly 'sermon', I was still not sure whether to say 'Ameen' or not...oh it was so difficult for me! O Allah, guide me to see the truth.

Renowned Muslim scholars including the PAS president, Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang again and again had stressed that only Islamic laws could bring about true justice and solve human problems and misunderstandings. He said only the Sharia could do justice, thus all of us must have faith in PAS’ struggle to introduce Islamic laws in the administration of our country including to propagate 'addin' that is 'Islam as a way of life'."

Not long ago during a 'tazkirah' I heard the 'ustaz' stress that it was the responsibility of all Muslims to do their part in uplifting Sharia so that it could be upheld as the law of the country. Each and every one of us was required to take part even though the implementation of Allah's law was in the hands of the rulers.

He said Islam should be in power, not bowing down to the powers of the rulers as every Muslim in their 'solat' (prayers) has declared 'Inna solati, wanusuki, wamahyaya, wamamati, Lillahirabbil 'alamin' (My prayer and my sacrifice and my life and my death are all for Allah. the Lords of the Worlds). Unfortunately in our country under the Federal Constitution, the religion of Islam is placed under the power of each individual state and 'hudud' is not even mentioned.

The 'ustaz' said that even though Islamic laws could only be implemented by the rulers of a country and not by individuals, every Muslim must have the 'niat' (intention) and work hard to reach that goal. With that 'niat’, hopefully Allah SWT would have mercy upon us. But with 'niat' only would not be sufficient, it must be accompanied with 'du'a' and our earnest and maximum efforts.

Each of us must work hard according to our abilities and capabilities. For example an 'ustaz' must explain to his class and the public about the subject such as 'hudud' while a writer must convey it to his or her readers (and this made me jittery; have I passed this message to you dear readers?).

"Next we must have a 'jamaah' (a group of people who would strive to reach that goal). If we do not have the will and capacity to struggle for the implementation of Islamic law, at least we should support those 'jamaah' who are willing to struggle for it.

"Unfortunately what we have today...not only are those 'jamaah' who want to uphold the laws of Allah SWT not given a helping hand but they are subjected to defamation and slandering. And there are people especially those in power who work tirelessly to put obstacles in the way of the 'jamaah’s' mission.

"'Manuals' to uphold Islamic laws had been laid up by Allah SWT, but why must human beings show 'their cleverness (ignorance?)' by not accepting His laws? Refusing Allah's law means we are not afraid of Him...if a person or a country does not wish to uphold His law, then they are 'more powerful' than God because they 'have the guts to say no' to Allah SWT who created them...," declared the 'ustaz'.

If our leaders keep on 'crying' (or boasting) that our country is an Islamic nation but do not (or do not wish or intend) to implement God's law, please be cautioned over what befalls our country - last year (2014) three of our planes 'were lost', we were 'tested' with severe drought and flood and our economy is getting worse by each day.

Crimes, sinful activities and accidents (especially on the roads) are on the rise, some of our politicians in power and even our younger generation are going astray...we have been ‘punished' by Allah SWT, but have we, especially our leaders and the writer himself learnt our lessons?  - ES

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