Najib’s wealth - Horses’ Mouths – 4 March 2015

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Najib’s wealth

His denial that the source of his family’s wealth comes from 'legacy family assets' begs the question of the exposé in the first place. Where exactly did all these money come from?

Tony Pua, Petaling Jaya Utara MP, claiming Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's belated statement supporting his four brothers that their father, former prime minister Abdul Razak Hussein, lived a frugal and moderate lifestyle has opened a new can of worms


More on 1MDB

In fact I had neither forged nor hacked to get this material, but I thank Petrosaudi for at least acknowledging the authenticity of the documents I have published. They are indeed genuine email.

Clare Rewcastle Brown, Sarawak Report founder, on Petrosaudi Ltd’s claim that the emails exposed in her website about 1MDB were fabricated


Next Opposition leader

Azmin has the resources and the political skills to replace Anwar. There is no need to be sentimental and try to goad Anwar's wife (PKR president) Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, or one of his daughters, to assume this post.

Zaid Ibrahim, former Umno minister, endorsing Azmin Ali as the best candidate to replace Anwar Ibrahim as the next Opposition leader


Malay unity

For me, ‘Malay unity’ is only to serve for Umno's survival. Unity in Malaysia involves every race in the country and not just the Malays.

Mujahid Yusof Rawa, Parit Buntar MP


Losing the plot

Was it necessary for Najib and the mainstream media that support him to raise the matter of Mohamed Noah sponsoring the education of his grandchildren. Where and what is the role of Najib's numerous advisers on media, communications, psychological warfare and on his image?

A Kadir Jasin, former New Straits Times group editor-in-chief, questioning the wisdom of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's media advisers and strategists in bringing up the PM's grandfather's role in financing his education as he had gone on to establish a casino


Cabinet’s rejection to 1MDB’s RM3 billion cash injection request

Where did you hear about that? I don't have to respond.

Shafie Apdal, Umno vice president, refusing to respond to reports that the Cabinet had rejected 1Malaysia Development Berhad's (1MDB)‎ request for a RM3 billion cash injection


Better oil royalty

I have spoken to the Prime Minister (Najib Razak) and the others. They are open to the idea. But Najib told me to wait because of the current drop in oil prices in the world market.

Adenan Satem, Sarawak chief minister, on getting better oil and gas royalty from Petronas

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