Hudud - Horses’ Mouths – 20 March 2015

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And the non-Malays have already said they no longer support PAS because it is not a team player, the Selangor Menteri Besar crisis being the main reason. Hence what does PAS have to lose? The non-Malays already said they would no longer support PAS anyway, with or without Hudud. So how would the Hudud issue make any difference? At least now PAS may get more Malay support.

Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Malaysia Today owner


The Kelantan state government has wanted this for a long time, and it was only yesterday that the amendments were tabled...that is good. What is only left is the implementation according to Allah's law.

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Gua Musang MP


The programme for this current sitting is full. We have to see the list (of bills). In the existing list, there is none.

Shahidan Kassim, Parliamentary Affairs Minister


They will definitely not get the support of DAP and they will not get a two-thirds majority,

Anthony Loke, DAP national Organising Secretary, on PAS’ plans to table private member’s bill in parliament to implement hudud law in Kelantan


Bus and taxi fare hikes

As a government-linked company, KTMB should not burden the people through such drastic fare hikes. Have they forgotten their obligation to help the people? The government must take the taxi, bus and KTMB fare hikes seriously. Is this a pre-GST sabotage against the government?

Ibdillah Ishak, Umno Youth exco, on the public transport fare hikes of more than 20 percent for taxi, express buses and Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd (KTMB) train services


There will be people who will later answer like this: "If you can't afford it, don't take cabs or express buses. Just ride bicycles, it is better for your health, bla bla bla.

Saifuddin Abdullah, former Temerloh MP


Penang water tariff hike

The message is simple. To prevent water rationing use less water and pay less. If you continue to use too much water, be prepared to pay more.

Jaseni Maidinsa, Penang Water Supply Corporation (PBA) chief executive officer, announcing a tariff hike that will see water bills go up by up to 30.77 percent

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