The struggle for power in Umno – who will win?

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While many have been focusing on the woes surrounding Pakatan Rakyat especially with recent developments that have not been good for the coalition, it should be noted too that the other side of the fence seems to be in a more volatile condition and is exhibiting rivalry not really seen before.

Umno is under pressure. It is a struggle to re-position certain figures in the party where some aspirants to the ‘throne’ (the top leadership of the party) are making their moves currently. And some issues that have been raised in the recent past mostly by PR leaders have been utilised or benefited from to put certain political moves into action. Umno is under pressure too because its present leader is being cast as a failure, not just by Tun Mahathir but many others as well despite claiming to be Najib’s supporters.

Umno politics has always been and will likely be a politics of power. Despite claiming to govern as a coalition – the Barisan Nasional (BN) – it is in fact Umno that calls the shots. This of course partially explains why the death of the two Chinese-based parties in the coalition is just around the corner, their severe beating at the last two general elections being testimony to this fact and the growing displeasure for both MCA and Gerakan to be ‘lapdogs’ of Umno that has not gone down well with the non- Malay electorate.

Therefore any power struggle in Umno should surely have major repercussions for the country – at least for now until PR is able to unseat this dinosaurian party in a future election. After several leadership changes, Umno has gone from bad to worse to the point that it is becoming common knowledge that Najib is perhaps the last ‘leader’ of this party. And even in this he is being portrayed as a failed leader as is now ongoing in the Mahathir-Najib saga.

And in this battle to win the hearts of Umno supporters it appears that many within Umno are just manipulating feelings and sentiments to show that they are “either with him (Najib) or against him”. Obviously those holding positions would not outwardly show their actual selves, but in the shadow play that is going on, one could easily conclude which side they are on. You just have to have keen observation over the comments or statements made.

That is what we may make of the Jho Low-Umno Youth outburst. It appears that with Umno Youth taking up the gauntlet to attack Jho Low over the 1 MDB issue, someone else is being targeted. Why? Because Putrajaya itself had cleared Jho Low of any wrongdoing in the affair. So why is Umno Youth attacking Low?

Now what or who does Putrajaya represent? It is just like the statement released by that entity over the wealth of Najib and which riled his siblings. Here again with Putrajaya coming to Low’s defence would not the meaning be clear?

Does this not seem similar to the Altantuya case? Even after the court verdict that it was the two policemen who were guilty of murdering the Mongolian woman, Malaysians are still asking as to why they killed her. What was the motive?

And behind this, one has also to consider what is behind the relentless attack by Tun Mahathir  against Najib?

Don’t we see the question of ‘power’ again?

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