Support for Najib - Horses’ Mouths – 28 April 2015

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Support for Najib

It is strange that other Umno leaders and members only raised their support (for Najib) once or twice and then fell silent. It looks like the deputy prime minister is waiting for Najib to be ousted. Umno Youth are only good at shouldering Najib in the air and then keeping quiet. The Umno deputy presidents have not made a collective stand or help make any explanations. Can Najib survive in such a scenario or is he just counting his days?

Husam Musa, PAS vice president, alleging that support for Umno president Najib Razak from his Umno  colleagues was not consistent



Attack on PAS operation centre

Based on information we received, the suspect had caused chaos at the Bandar Rompin PAS operations centre, which turned into a scuffle. One of the suspect is a civil servant while the other is self-employed. We are seeking a remand order for both of them starting today.

Sharifuddin Ab Ghani, Pahang police chief, on arresting two people on suspicion of having assaulted a PAS operation centre in Rompin in the wee hours two days ago



Lee Chong Wei

Lee has been taking cordyceps since he was 13, because his family believed that it was beneficial for this health.

Khairy Jamaluddin, Youth and Sports Minister, claiming national shuttler Lee Chong Wei failed a drug test last year because he consumed a herbal supplement that was contaminated


Six months felt like two years for me. It was tough and I couldn't sleep well. To me, it's really not my fault. Maybe it was just bad luck. But after waiting for six months, at least I've gotten this result.

Lee Chong Wei, national shuttle



The next PM?

This is why I believe that if Mahathir wants better and more accountable leaders for Umno in the years to come—and at the same time put an end to systemic corruption and improve the quality of the public institutions—the choice of successor must be none other than Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

Zaid Ibrahim, former law minister, on who should replace Najib Razak if the latter steps down


Mahathir has no interest in appointing the fairest among the ranks of Umno to be the next prime minister. To him, it is not about putting a leader who can serve the people. That is not in the equation. It is about putting someone as prime minister who can take orders and safeguard his as well as Umno's interests.

Rafizi Ramli, PKR secretary general, disputing Zaid Ibrahim’s reading on Dr Mahathir’s move



Help in Permatang Pauh

Therefore we urge all PAS members to reject outright any instructions or stand from that goes against the decision of the PAS central committee, and should any actions by any members prove to be counter the instructions, disciplinary action may be taken on the said members based on the regulations in the party constitution.

Mohamad Sabu, PAS deputy president, confirming the party’s support for PKR’s Permatang Pauh candidate and will not tolerate any dissent from its members

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