Najib’s ‘response’ on TV batters his image even more

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Most of us may have had been watching TV channels other than the Umno-linked TV3, when suddenly the Najib interview broadcast over the Umno channel was beamed over our channels as well. This is what happened to the Hijrah channel and we have been told the other channels experienced this as well. It was as if Najib had to prove his “macho-ness” in the face of relentless attacks from his critics especially former premier, Tun M, so the simultaneous screening of the interview.

Apparently, Najib had to get up and fight; fight off the old man whose stings and bites seem to be very worrying for the premier. Not just worrying but also coming to the point of boiling – his very position no more secure despite the nonsensical outpouring of ‘support’ from Umno quarters – like Wanita Umno which declared its “full support for Najib” who as usual could not have done otherwise, could they?
 But anyone who had followed the recorded (yes, recorded and not a live one) interview would attest that Najib merely brushed off the accusations without really addressing any of them properly and substantially. In fact some of his responses were so shallow that we would have posed the obvious: “So what? Does that prove your incompetence or innocence?”

On the 1MDB for instance, he merely claimed that all was overboard, deftly avoiding the crux of the issue – was the money really there or had disappeared and what was the link between 1MDB and millionaire Jho Low. The burning question that he must have addressed should be explaining who Jho Low was, and where did the hundreds of millions come from for the purchase of buildings and investment in the film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ purportedly by his stepson. Obviously 1 MDB does not represent excess funds the government has, it has borrowed all the money that it purportedly has.

On the Altantuya issue a mere denial of knowing her only adds on to the multiple questions that have been drifting around making it even more preposterous to be believed. Actually who really believes his words since many of the questions raised during this episode have never been answered and very, very importantly all thinking citizens of this country keep asking the burning question – what was the motive behind the killing? That simple question was ignored altogether by the premier in the session. If Najib did not know Altantuya could he not do justice to her by ordering anew an investigation into why she was killed? By merely relying on the “sumpah” (oath) he says he made does he think all is settled? And who really cares if politicians make oaths or otherwise? What is the value of a politician’s oath?

Perhaps some additional facts could have been given by the premier regarding the ill-fated Mongolian lady especially involving the personalities mentioned by lawyer Americk Sidhu in his excellent article in the Malaysian Insider entitled “Altantuya – the missing links” published on 6th April. In fact that article sums up the whole intrigue surrounding the issue and is definite to open up many cans of worms and expose what the motive was behind the killing and who really was/were the culprit(s).
Najib also avoided the crucial issue of the wealth of his family where just some time ago his siblings were annoyed that his office had dragged the good name of his late father into justifying why he could be so spendthrift.

An interesting facet to this is the nonsensical statements and responses from the Umno crowd to the barrage of criticisms made by Tun M. They have likened him to the Opposition for attacking the Umno president and Malaysian premier in that manner.

Perhaps the Tun’s own words would suffice to silence these unthinking ‘mobs’. Tun M says;” If saying something that is similar to the Opposition make me aligned with the Opposition, then Najib must be more with the Opposition than me because he agreed with the Opposition to abolish the ISA, the prevention of crime law and ignore the NEP. He also wanted to abolish the Sedition Act as demanded by the Opposition. If Umno did not object the Sedition Act would have been abolished. So is Najib a member of the Opposition?”

One may also suggest given the undertaking made by Wanita Umno that Najib is a ‘true democrat’ who listens and responds, may we ask that Najib allow Tun Mahathir to have a 30-minute airing over TV3 and the other main channels to state his point of view following Najib’s explanation of the charges made against him by the Tun?
If he does not, then that should spell the beginning of the end – for Najib.

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