Rohingya genocide - Myanmar must be sanctioned

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid, MAPIM President | .

The Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organization (MAPIM) call for a special UN Security Council resolution to impose an economic and political sanction on Myanmar.

The unrelenting stance taken by the Myanmar regime despite international outcry on the continuos oppression on the Rohingya minorities , leaves no choice for the international community but to sanction the regime .

The recent exodus of hundreds of Rohingya landing on the shores of Langkawi is the result of the  Myanmar  regime still applying their oppressive policy against the Rohingya .

The main issue should be focus on the denial of citizenship right for the Rohingya. This is the central issue . It must be resolve at the political level and this would be the only solution to halt the prolong oppression faced by the Rohingya.

We regret that the international community seems to be actionless in ending the plight of the Rohingya. While Malaysia and Thailand have announced that the authorities will not accept the boat people from Myanmar reaching the shores of the respected countries , leaving them stranded in the seas and rejecting them and by pushing them back to the sea is inhuman and cannot be accepted.

We reiterate that while the Malaysian, Thailand and Indonesian authorities have announced their position of not accepting the new arrivals of the refugees , as a matter of humanitarian consideration , it is not right to push them back to the open sea. Giving them food and medical supplies and pushing them to the sea is against the international natural law .

The solution lies in the Myanmar regime reinstating the citizenship rights of the Rohingya and the other minorities and the international community should focus all efforts in this central issue.

The human trafficking is an outcome of the Myanmar regime prolong crime of genocide against the Rohingya Muslims . The regime's intentional policy to wipe out the presence of the Rohingya ethnic from Myanmar is the crust of the issue.

It is thus a clear cut solution if the world community is serious about halting the plight pf the Rohingya. It would be a disgrace for the Asean community to fail in resolving the more than 6 decades of human sufferings in the region. The claim of a united and peaceful Asean will remain a rhetoric that will have no meaning unless and until the citizenship issue of the Rohingya is resumed.

We call on the Asean ministers and state leaders to solve this political issue and to iron out and review the principles of non intervention within the spirit of creating a unity within diversity of Asean.

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