Muhyiddin’s video - Horses’ Mouths – 26 May 2015

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Muhyiddin’s video

We are not angry with the contents of Muhyiddin’s speech but we are angry with the Umno deputy division leader’s action in recording and distributing  the video., Pro-BN website, questioning whether a press secretary to a minister was the one responsible for 'leaking' to former New Straits Times editor Firdaus Abdullah


What’s certain is that it definitely wasn’t me.

Zamri Maulan, Umno vice-president Mohd Shafie Apdal’s press secretary



1MDB bosses skip PAC meet

That (time period) is what they asked for, but we still want them to come. It is up to us whether or not to accept the 30 days.

Nur Jazlan, Public Accounts Committee chief, on 1MDB president and executive director Arul Kanda and former CEO Shahrol Halmi’s request for a postponement of at least 30 days to prepare the information and documents that PAC requested


This is ridiculous. It was bad enough in the past when they didn't openly come out to clarify and set the facts straight. But now their refuse to attend the PAC meeting […] that is the final insult and (Arul) should be sacked immediately.

Rafizi Ramli, Pandan MP


It is also unthinkable that Arul and Shahrol would dare to be absent from the PAC hearing without the greenlight from the highest authorities, even reaching up to the  Prime Minister-cum-Finance Minister Najib, who is also chairperson of the 1MDB Advisory Panel.

Lim Kit Siang, DAP advisor



Stop attacking

DAP has many times emphasised it is giving priority to Pakatan, but its attacks on PAS and the PAS president show otherwise. The DAP's actions seem to bring Pakatan to the brink of a split. If DAP loves Pakatan, then it should stop attacking PAS.

Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, PAS vice president, advising DAP to stop its attack on the party



PAS icons facing expulsion

It is not true. There are no storms or winds brewing.

Mustafa Ali, PAS secretary general, denying that it would sack three iconic members namely singer Wan Aishah Wan Ariffin, former Air Force major Zaidi Ahmad and comedian Sulaiman Ibrahim (Leman Raja Lawak)

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