1MDB duo - Horses’ Mouths – 29 May 2015

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Officials in human trafficking

Many of them had small roles to play in allowing the syndicate to operate, but they did not know about the killings and torture. Now they must be having nightmares.

Shahidan Kassim, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, insisting that the government officials suspected of colluding with human traffickers who detained migrants in camps in Perlis were likely motivated by money and did not know about the killings



10th Malaysia Plan

The remaining 38.5 percent of projects yet to be implemented will be carried out in the next five years.

Shahidan Kassim, Minister in the Prime Minsiter’s department, claiming close to 40 percent of projects outlined in the 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP) had failed to reach full implementation



11th Malaysia Plan

Without specifically mentioning Melayu/Bumiputera in the chapters (of 11MP), the country will lose focus, especially regarding specific agenda (for Malays), such as affirmative action. We support that the government opens the Tekun and Amanah Ikhtiar (microcredit) funds for all races, as there are those who are not Bumiputera who need help as well. But the Bumiputeras are still left far behind in terms of their share of the economic pie.

Ibrahim Ali, Perkasa chief, dismissing  the 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP) tabled by the prime minister last week for not having specific strategies and economic plan for the Bumiputera and Malays



1MDB duo

Yes, (we'll ask). I know there are some allegations that they're not overseas. When they come, then we ask them, lah, whether it is true or not they were not in the country at the time they were supposed to see us.

Nur Jazlan Mohamad, Parliamentary Accounts Committee (PAC) chairman, saying the committee would question 1Malaysia Development Berhad CEO Arul Kanda and former CEO Shahrol Halmi’s whereabouts when they were supposed to testify on May 26



Najib’s lifeline

In a more robust democracy, including Indonesia and Nigeria, Najib would have been referred to the ethics committee and may even face impeachment proceedings. Remember the impeachment of Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid in 2001? But under our law, there is no provision for impeachment by the Parliament. The House can, however, pass a vote of no confidence.

A Kadir Jasin, former News Straits Times group editor in chief, on Najib Razak’s handling of 1MDB




The court has yet to declare hudud as unconstitutional.

Takiyuddin Hassan, Kota Bharu MP



1MDB involves in money laundering?

To my knowledge, banks have been instructed to questions deals more than RM50,000 (S$18,551). If the deal has no relation to 'money laundering', which is illegal, it is not a problem. The question is was 1MDB, with the knowledge of its adviser, involved in money laundering, which is why the money from the Cayman Islands had to be kept in Singapore.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad, questioning whether 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) was involved in money laundering


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