Muktamar: All lights now green

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KUALA LUMPUR - The heat of the Muktamar can already be felt. The event will bring together representatives from all over Malaysia and only a few days are left for it to take place. The 61st  conference is quite different this time, this time the election of leaders in the Parti Islam Semalaysia (PAS) has become the focus of the public either from government or the mass media.

The director of this year’s Muktamar, Dato’ Haji Takiyudin Haji Hassan when contacted said, “This year it is more lively because we have election of the leaders of the party. That is one of the points that makes our Muktmar look different this time.”

“Obviously nearly all places of accommodation in the district of Kuala Selangor have been booked by representatives including the guesthouses, budget hotels and so on.”

For the preparation of the Muktamar, he explained, it was estimated that 70% of the work was ready. The program involving nearly 100 members being on duty for the Muktamar coming from members and the organizing committee had chosen Kuala Selangor as the venue with the indoor stadium that would be utilized and which could accommodate nearly 1200 people had become the gathering place for PAS representatives.

He also stated that the selection of Kuala Selangor as the venue for the 61st conference was to provide programs for local residents around Kuala Selangor and was also one of the measures taken by the state government to promote the region in Selangor.

“Preparations were made over a month ago, including upgrading the building’s stadium, which has been freshly painted and repaired with what needs to be with the cooperation of the Kuala Selangor District Council and the state government,” he added.

By May 28, infrastructure sites, stalls, exposition areas, exhibition locations and so on have been set up. Meanwhile on May 31, a “gotong royong”  would be carried out on a large-scale to clean the stadium and also provide other facilities such as car parks and so on.

“Then, on 1st June, we will hold the last meeting with the Muktamar’s committees,” said Takiyudin who is also parliamentarian for Kota Bharu.

He added that the promotion for the Muktamar will begin on May 2, when the GreenFest Carival starts, and is estimated that 100,000 visitors will be coming to the program. These includes the representatives, observers and the public. In addition to the main Muktamar, there would also be side programs consisting among others including concerts and other alternative entertainment.

“That’s only one of the attractions but all however, will follow the guidelines on entertainment as allowed in Islam,” he explained.

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