Muktamar: For the glory of the ummah

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It has been more than a decade since the PAS Supporters Congress (DHPP) formerly known as PAS Supporters Club was formed. Its office bearers when contacted recently had much to say, and spoke to English Section journalists Nur Hasmira Mohamad and Sufi Naz on their hopes, dreams and vision they had for the wing and also the party. Read on…

DHPP chief, Balasubramaniam, when contacted was cheerful and had this to say:  "I have been to three PAS Muktamars and am grateful to PAS leaders for giving the DHPP the opportunity to attend the Muktamar again. Barring unforeseen circumstances, I would definitely attend the Muktamar and give a speech next week.”

In addition, we will also be bringing a proposal to be presented by DHPP information chief, Asokan. We support PAS because the party is fighting on the path of Islam.

We believe that Islam will provide justice for all. This is because we believe in a verse of the Quran, which states that Islam is rahmatan lil alamin or Islam is the Blessings (meaning that Islam is a religion of mercy and peace for all the entire universe, including animals, plant and spirits, let alone fellow human beings). Compared with other political parties, issue affecting citizens will be politicized but in PAS, it will resolved Islamically.

The PAS President, Dato Seri Abdul Hadi Awang has high hopes and has confidence in DHPP so we will play our role.

On a cruise for example, there will occasions when it will meet with thunderstorms. What is most important is that we reach our destination. Should any problem arise, you cannot try to only save yourself by escaping and at the same time, prevent others from boarding the ship.

We as non-Muslims have never doubted PAS under any circumstances whatsoever. This is a party of struggle, which is a priority for us.

We must have faith in Islam and unite. Any person who leads, we will accept and must cooperate with him in the name of the interest of the citizens."

DHPP women’s wing chief Kumutha Raman, agreed with Balasubramaniam whole-heartedly. She had this to say:  "I have attended successive PAS Muktamars since 2009 and every time, I would definitely get new knowledge and ideas.

Do not allow the opponent the opportunity to divide us. Think of the future of the party itself and all of the citizens in our country too. We can rule if we stay united. For example, now we have DAP, PAS and PKR. If one of these parties leaves the alliance, we will not succeed.

Tahaluf siyasi or political cooperation between the three parties should exist. It is the most important part because PAS is the oldest party compared to the DAP and PKR. Each leader must be aware about their own responsibilities and objectives of the party. Kindly refer to the party constitution before giving any statement. Do not let your statement be distorted by the opponents."

DHPP Youth chief, Balendran Subramaniam has attended the Muktamar five times. He said “With PAS’ blessing, I was given the opportunity to become Youth chief and be in the front line.

When we go and listen to the speeches made by the PAS President, we can gain a lot of knowledge. PAS is a political party that wants to reach out to all walks of life, both Muslims and non-Muslims.

There are many delegations from other countries attending our Muktamar such as Palestine. PAS is an Islamic party which not only has a strong influence in the country but also has robust relations with Islamic parties abroad.

When PAS takes over the governance of the country, it will definitely get a lot of support from Islamic parties from abroad. PAS is responsible not only in Malaysia but also globally. We believe that when the party takes over, things will get very much better in terms of the economy and education.

The country will also enjoy high growth and development and not be left behind because we have a good relationship with many developed countries.

I had met with the Chairman of the UK PAS Club once in 2013. They (the club members) are willing to come from far away to attend the Muktamar. I am deeply moved to see their dedication.

For me, every organization has obstacles and challenges that must be overcome together and it's up to us how to handle it.

We join PAS as the party among others believes in the concept of Rahmatan lil Alamin (Blessings for all). Therefore I express my support for PAS as an associate member, although not being eligible to vote or make important decisions in the party. When we share our opinion, PAS does pay attention.

When PAS holds meetings, DHPP representatives will also be invited to attend, and our views on matters are listened to.  I hope, in the years to come we also will be absorbed as full members and given the right to vote"

God willing, I will join the Muktamar again this year. “

Selangor DHPP chairman Deepakaran, had this to say “We do things congregationally. Whatever that’s decided by the PAS President, we will obey and accept. We fully support Dato Seri Abdul Hadi Awang." - ES


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