The proof of the pudding is in the eating

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By the time this article is published, the PAS gathering would be over and the new committee would be a stale news. As a Muslim, I am concerned about the future of Malaysia and Islam as its official religion. From my articles in the past, readers will know some of my humble contributions to the country and my religion.

Being more than seven decades old I do not have much time left but I have seen and experienced all the ups and downs of life, the country and our beloved religion, Islam.Allow me to express my feelings about the future of the country and religion, as I see it.

First I wish to congratulate the new task force or committee elected by the delegates. It would be a surprise to many that the ex-Chief of staff or the president remained while all the generals or the key office bearers have been replaced. As it is said in a 17th century saying, ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’ let us see the achievement of this committee to face GE14.

I only hope there is no collaboration between the new committee and the arch enemy, in this case BN and in particular UMNO. All the abuse accumulated in the last 61 years of PAS history is not somethings that can easily be forgotten so easily. I still remember the slimy monster cartoons of PAS leaders which our mass media carried during the GEs of theSemangat 46 days. I also remember the helpless parang waving old Malay lady shown on our TVs during the Memali incident.

Who are/were those leaders, if not for the parents and grandparents of our present PAS leaders? Muslims are prepared to give their lives to protect the honour of Islam, is protection of the honour of our parents any different or unimportant. The truth will reveal itself soon.

So far the one common sentence I have been hearing from most PAS leaders is,”We are still with Pakatan.” As they say the tongue has no bones and can say anything, do they really mean it? By their actions when they are in PAS circles, I get a doubt feeling bordering on insincerity. The non-Muslims use this kind of actions to hit us because most PAS members are equated with Muslim scholars, whose knowledge and practice of Islam is high and taken as an example of Islamic behavior and character.

In today’s world where knowledge is easily available, critics search for sources to verify every action and utterance. Many contradict because they forget what they had said earlier here and there. Every such revelation displays a lying syndrome.

The Pakatan group is made up of three equal important political parties. Each has its own strength and weaknesses but if one analyses their appeals to Malaysians carefully, the difference is very telling. Let me explain.

PKR under the leadership of DSAI, is made up of Malays (Muslims), Chinese, Indians and others (MCIO). DAP under the leadership of LKS has also MCIO members and leaders. PAS under TGHA has only Malays or Muslims. Without PAS, DAP and PKR also enjoy Malay support, which can be strengthened with correct involvement, approach, reasoning and respect.

Pakatan has defeated MCA and MIC completely during GE13. In GE14, the real fight or contest will be among the Malays, who are already divided into 4 political parties. Pakatan with DAP and PKR will carry the real Malaysian image representing all races and religions while UMNO and PAS will only represent one race and religion. The tourist advertisement jingle ‘Malaysia truly Asia’ will look real on PR (DAP and PKR) posters.

If PAS wants to work with UMNO, then they have to soft paddle on their Islamic agenda. None of the PMs’ wives will even pass the ‘tudung’ hurdle to be allowed into a mosque compound because all mosques in KL have notices declaring ‘Zon Tutup Aurat’. ‘Munafikeen’ is the only way to work with BN. I shudder to think what % of the seat UMNO will allow PAS to contest. Will PAS’s historical experience with UMNO repeat itself? Will the late TGNA’s cry in the wilderness for ‘oil royalty’ for Kelantan continue to remain unfulfilled?

In Pakatan, there are 3 equal partners. Even Selangor has 15, 15 and 13 ADUNs. Any two can decide the direction as it happened during the MB crisis. So to continue in Pakatan, PAS needs both DAP and PKR. The things said by PAS leaders about PKR and DAP leaders have already breached a ‘NO RETURN’ road. All three Pakatan parties will have to swallow a lot of pride and self-respect to be even seen together. I think by not attending the PAS function, DAP has sent their right dignified signal.

I hope and pray the next few days will see goodwill and commonsense prevailing and all three Pakatan partners will work towards an acceptable solution that will satisfy all their supporters. There is an urgent need to do this because Malaysia cannot afford a BN government after GE14.

The new PAS committee has a lot of work at hand. May Allah guide them to unite all the people of Malaysia.

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