Bank Negara’s role - Horses’ Mouths – 23 June 2015

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Bank Negara’s role

Has it entered the currency market to prop up the ringgit? Maybe it has because the exchange rates of the local currency has stabilised after falling to a nine-year low against the dollar on June 8 and its reserves has fallen.

A Kadir Jasin, former News Straits Times editor in chief, questioning whether Bank Negara had played a role behind the scenes to stabilise the Ringgit



‘Drinking urine’ remark

The speech and reminder had been misunderstood by some students and it had became an issue. Police reports were lodged by the (students') next-of-kin. The teacher involved also received threats via telephone calls to the school and has lodged a police report.

Tajul Urus Mat Zain, Kedah state exco member for education, defending a teacher who allegedly told pupils to drink their urine on the grounds that he was joking



BN vs PR

BN has 13 parties which have different races, languages and religions but we managed to protect BN as one compared to Pakatan which has only three parties but didn't last long.

Khairy Jamaluddin, Umno Youth chief, insisting that Pakatan Rakyat's failure to keep its three parties together proves that BN is the better coalition



1MDB and WSJ

If the report carried by Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is proven true, then it is good, as it shows the money was not lost. Then why do you (critics) say the money is lost? What's wrong with (Finance Ministry wholly-owned 1MDB's) money being spent on the people?

Nazri Aziz, Tourism and Culture Minister, on the WSJ’s report that 1MDB funds were allegedly spent to bankroll the 13th general election campaign



Najib – Dr M’s spat

I have given advice, I have even threatened but he said he won't quit. Because he can't quit. I think he is scared. Maybe he might face a criminal charge, if he quits.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad, on why Prime Minister Najib Razak is not quitting


If he just steps down, then he is a coward. He will not be a man and a prime minister who is responsible enough to face the challenges.

Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Deputy Minister, disagreeing with Dr Mahathir’s claim above




We will work with any party except chauvinists.

Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang, PAS president

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