Rosmah’s account - Horses’ Mouths – 13 July 2015

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Rosmah’s account

My client have (sic) not committed any criminal offence or any misappropriation of funds and strongly denies any links to the funds being from 1MDB. The report is deemed to be indecent, menacing, false, and is intended to annoy or harass my client.

Messrs Noorhajran Mohd Noor, law firm acting on behalf of Rosmah Mansor, denying that funds deposited into her bank account as reported by Sarawak Report was from 1MDB


The task force knew about this before the (media) expose and an investigation is being conducted.

Special Task Force proing the 1MDB allegations, revealing that it aware of Rosmah Mansor's bank account some time ago



Overworking doctors

The government needs to act now on the issue of the lack of medical officers to make sure the workload can be better balanced among them.

Ahmad Fadhli Shaari, PAS Youth information chief, urging the government to take steps to ensure sufficient medical officers in the country to avoid overworking them



Low Yat Plaza melee

It has nothing to do with racial sentiments. It’s between the customer and the shop assistants.

Zainuddin Ahmad, Kuala Lumpur CID chief Senior Asst Comm, insisting that the melee that took place in Low Yat Plaza on Saturday is not a racial issue but one started by a shoplifting incident



Task force

I fully support the special task force and I agree that the matter should be quickly resolved to restore the current situation, which is worrying many people.

Muhyiddin Yassin, Deputy Prime Minister, expressing confidence that the special task force set up to investigate all allegations over 1Malaysia Development Berhad will conduct its probe in a transparent and fair manner




As such, the Syura Council decided to terminate the tahaluf siasi co-operation with DAP.

Nik Muhammad Zawawi Salleh, PAS Shura Council secretary, on the decision to end political cooperation with DAP as the party continued to provoke, go against the spirit of Pakatan Rakyat co-operation and interfere in PAS’ internal affairs



Non-fasting Muslims

They choose to buy and eat in fastfood and 24-hour restaurants as nobody dares to question their actions. However, some were brave enough to eat at roadside stalls without feeling embarrassed. They had no respect for Ramadan.

Wan Jaafar Wan Ahmad, Federal Territory Islamic Department (Jawi) chief enforcement officer

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