Brawl - Horses’ Mouths – 14 July 2015

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Brawl at Low Yat

The people are advised to be careful and wary. Even though the Low Yat Plaza incident is worrying, the people should not be trapped into the racial issue that is being fanned. Racial harmony is the national asset which we should defend at all times.

Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, PAS deputy president, calling the people not to fall into the trap of the "masters" in racial politics over the brawl in Plaza Low Yat


The cases are still under investigation. Any independent witnesses should come forward and help the police in this matter.

Zainuddin Ahmad, Kuala Lumpur CID chief, urging witnesses of the riot that took place in the Bukit Bintang and Jalan Davis area two nights ago to come forward


His accomplice then created false stories which was further hyped by social media users. They (social media users) created false stories and one of them is Papa Gomo. I have instructed for these people to be arrested.

Khalid Abu Bakar, Inspector Generap of Police, saying he has instructed that blogger "Papa Gomo" be arrested for creating false news in relation to the brawls that occurred at Low Yat Plaza


I want to stress that in instances such as these, normally, it will be looked at from a racial perspective. It is a criminal act but in the end it become a racial incident. Such things should not have happened in our country.

Najib Razak



Bank Negara Malaysia

Bank Negara Malaysia remains steadfast in our quest to uncovering the truth in a fair and just manner.

Bank Negara Malaysia


Great statement – timely, firm and unambiguous.

Nazir Razak, chairman of CIMB group, on Bank Negara Malaysia's (BNM) pledge to remain steadfast in uncovering the truth relating to 1MDB



RM2 million in Rosmah’s account

This is the transparency that the people want. I hope the people don't be confused when there is transparency and instead think it is corruption.

Nazri Aziz, Tourism and Culture Minister, defending the RM2 million reported to be deposited into Rosmah Mansor's bank account as 'transparent and legal'

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