Syawal blast - Horses’ Mouths – 21 July 2015

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Dr M’s Syawal blast

There is no denial the money was deposited in the private account. The explanation to Umno is that it was for the elections. Umno seems satisfied. Don't they know that government money cannot be used to help a political party win elections?

Dr Mahathir Mohamad, claiming Umno was told that the money purportedly deposited into a private bank account was used in the last general election



Public duty

We have a duty to find and report the truth. Our reports on 1MDB had exposed how a group of individuals - Malaysians and foreigners - schemed a multi-billion ringgit fraud against the people of Malaysia. How can the work that we have done be deemed as a political conspiracy?

The Edge Financial Daily, claiming its latest report on 1MDB yesterday was not part of a political conspiracy


We are surprised that these old and unproven allegations are being recycled yet again, when in fact there are multiple ongoing investigations being conducted by the lawful authorities on the issues raised previously.

1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB), lashing out at The Edge Financial Daily for publishing various allegations and unsubstantiated statements



Sarawak Report

The time for soft talk is over. I support all efforts, including new laws if need be, to prevent gutter reporting by irresponsible media.

Abdul Rahman Dahlan, BN strategic communications chief, supporting the government’s move Sunday to block access to whistleblower Sarawak Report website


It’s a big mistake.

Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, PAS deputy president, reminding the government that blocking access to Sarawak Report would only spark more interest in the whistleblower site’s articles on 1MDB and Prime Minister Najib Razak



Najib and WSJ

Will Najib sue WSJ? The 14-day period given to WSJ starting July 8 to demand explanation will end in two days. If Najib fails to sue WSJ, then he should go on leave instantly. In this messy period, it is good for Najib to regularly perform umrah.

Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, PAS deputy president, urging Prime Minister Najib Razak to confirm plans to take WSJ to court over its 1MDB expose



Lester Melanyi

And I'm going to do this because I know I'm doing the right thing. I decided not to do this because I know all these things will affect the country very much and it’s not right for any human being to cheat and lie to gain something.

Lester Melanyi, former Sarawak Tribune editor, claiming his desire to do the right thing has motivated him to make a video confession on how documents related to 1MDB were purportedly fabricated to implicate Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak

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