Saving Najib - Horses’ Mouths – 3 September 2015

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Bersih 4 and PAS

In fact, based on various media reports, it is understood PAS' absence was felt this time compared to past Bersih rallies. This proves PAS as the biggest opposition party (based on membership) continues to be a major factor in the country's mainstream politics.

Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, PAS deputy president, saying that the turnout at Bersih 4 over the weekend proved the Islamic party was still a major player in the country's politics



Parti Amanah Negara

I don’t know yet whether the party wants to contest or not. We are still in discussion.

Mohamad Sabu, Parti Amanah Negara president


Right now they don’t have a home. They want to use other’s home. Worker party is not a political party. If they want to continue to use the name Amanah, they have to change the constitution.

Nur Jazlan, Deputy Home Minister



Saving Najib

He was advised that if he comes, he might face fierce activists. I have to advise him. I said, I can go, but if you want to, you can. But what I (see) here is that the crowd is quite civil.

Paul Low, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, on why Prime Minister Najib Razak was advised to pull out from officiating the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) in Putrajaya yesterday


It’s an embarrassing and disgraceful last minute decision by Najib. Imagine 1,000 delegates from 130 countries turning hostile against the head of government of the host country. Low’s advice was wrong since he found the delegates quite civil.

Lim Kit Siang, DAP advisor



Deaf government?

If it’s not good for Malaysia, then stop it and seriously find ways to remedy the damage. Do not sidestep serious issues. No amount of ‘comms’ and ‘spins’ can right a wrong just as two wrongs do not make a right […] To the powers-that-be, please do not play politics. Please attend to the issues and present to the public the outcomes.

Rafidah Aziz, former Umno Wanita chief, urging the government not to sidestep the serious issues of integrity, public trust, governance and money politics facing the country


TI chief message to Malaysia

What does that mean for Malaysia? The government has taken measures and initiatives to tackle corruption. We will surely hear that from the minister.

We want to see more progress but that cannot happen while there are unanswered questions about the US$700 million that made its way into the prime minister’s personal bank account.

Jose Ugaz, Transparency International chief


There is nothing you, I or anyone can say that would un-politicise this matter. Whatever response is given is going to be rejected as is evident for the responses already given, all which have been rejected. You demand an answer and yet reject all answers given. I do not see what more that can be said.

Salleh Said Keruak, Multimedia and Communications Minister, responding to Jose Ugaz above

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