Red shirts rally - Horses’ Mouths – 8 September 2015

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Red shirts rally

PAS is not involved, and I urge all party members to stay away from the rally. We don't have to keep raising racial issues.

Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, PAS deputy president, reiterating that his party had nothing to do with the proposed Rakyat Bersatu rally and would not join the rally



Malaysia’s external debt

Today, Malaysia holds as many claims on foreigners as foreigners hold on it. True external ‘debt’ is zero, or very nearly so. Malaysia’s numbers are interesting and show how external debt statistics can mislead. Just as an individual may have a large automobile debt that is offset by the ownership of 4-5 houses, a country may have a large foreign debt that is offset by ownership of other foreign assets (eg companies, stocks, US Treasury holdings).

Singapore’s DBS Bank, claiming Malaysia has run some of Asia’s largest current account surpluses since 1997 – 11% of GDP, on average – and those surpluses have wiped its overall liabilities clean



Rubbish and minister

I am very sure the RM65,000 bill won't cause a dent to Bersih's massive and millions of funding and their continued refusal to pay only shows they have taken the donors for a ride. So what's next then? If Bersih refuses to pay, next time Bersih holds another illegal demonstration in Kuala Lumpur, perhaps I should dump the rubbish in front of their office.

Abdul Rahman Dahlan, Minister of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government


I am shocked at the fact that a minister can speak in such a manner. It is absolutely below the standard of speech someone of his position is expected to make. Either way, he can say whatever he wants but we know we have done our part by cleaning up the city during and after the Bersih gathering.

Maria Chin Abdullah, Bersih 2.0 chairman



Political funding laws

If there are no laws to control political donations, democracy in the country will be affected as money politics will play an important part. Those with money will be chosen. This will be huge implications for the country. We’ll study and see what’s best for the country. There are those who don’t agree, but the majority feel it is time.

Paul Low, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, insisting that the absence of provisions in the law to deal with political contributions will weaken the democratic system in the country


1MDB adviser

I waited for six months. Despite repeated requests, I didn't get any. On July 29, I put in my resignation letter.

Abdul Samad Alias, former 1MDB adviser, on why he resigned from the embattled government investment arm


Whilst we very much regret his departure, we fully respect his decision and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

1Malaysia Development Berhad

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