Use Islam - Horses’ Mouths – 14 September 2015

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Use Islam

Islam teaches Malays to be leaders. So, influential Malays must save the country with Islam and not Malay fanaticism.

Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang, PAS President, calling Malays to play their role in saving the nation



Altantuya poser

There are no photographs, there is no evidence and there are no SMSes, and it has emerged again. This case has already sunk for so many years and now it floats again.

Najib Razak, claiming the revival of the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder is part of a foreign plot to topple him, similar to the toppling of Iraq's Saddam Hussein



Red shirts rally

We did it just to get ready, in case the organisers invite us to the rally.

Ab Rauf Jusoh, Umno executive secretary, denying directing anyone to join the September 16 "red shirt" rally, after a letter ordering party state representatives to meet in preparation for the rally was leaked to the media


I hope participants come with sincere intentions, we are not looking for a fight.

Mohd Ali Mohd Rustam, president of Persekutuan Silat Kebangsaan Malaysia (Pesaka), urging those joining the “Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu” his group is organising on September 16 not to bring any weapons as the rally is meant to be peaceful


On 16th September I will be celebrating diversity — racial, religious, cultural — that defines Malaysia. I won’t be wearing red.

Nazir Razak, CIMB Group chairman


Ninety per cent of the traders here have decided to close their business on the day in question to ensure their safety and to prevent any untoward incident.

Ang Say Tee, Kuala Lumpur Hawkers and Petty Traders Association chairman, claiming 500 shopkeepers and 773 traders in Petaling Street have decided to close their businesses on Sept 16 due to the proposed Peoples’ Unity Gathering



Leaks to WSJ

Would Nur Jazlan not want to prove his innocence by letting us see his bank account details? Nur Jazlan imagines himself as someone very special who can be exempted from the same treatment that the Prime Minister has to be subjected to. The Prime Minister is guilty until and unless he can prove his innocence. Nur Jazlan and the entire PAC, however, are innocent and no one should question their honesty and integrity. What bullshit is this? And how does he explain how the Wall Street Journal got its hands on information that could have only come from the PAC?

Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Malaysia Today owner, arguing that Public Accounts Committee (PAC) must explain how Wall Street Journal managed to publish information that came from the PAC


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