No compromise on dividing Masjid Al Aqsa

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid, MAPIM president | .

The Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organization (MAPIM) condemns in the strongest terms the recent barbaric intrusion into the Al Aqsa Mosque and Al Haram Al Sharif compound by the Zionist police and military troops.
The utter disregard for the sanctity of the third holiest Mosque by the Israeli Occupation Forces is an outright operation to ignite war aginst the Muslims . The clashes that has escalated in the Al Haram Al Sharif compund stems from the continuous provocative actions by Jews and the Israel security forces.
The clashes was triggered by the Jews who visited the site in annexed east Jerusalem for the start of the Jewish New Year on Sept.13, sparking days of clashes between Muslims and Israeli police on and near the plaza that houses the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa . However the escalated violence by the Jewish security forces has gone further into attacks in the Al Aqsa Mosque itself.
We reject strongly the decision to divide the holy Al Aqsa to allow Jews to enter the mosque with an allocated time and space. This has never being the case before as the Mosque has being rightful belong to and manage by the Muslims since its historical existence.
We stand firm with the status that the Al Aqsa Mosque , Al Haram Al Sharif compound is indivisible and not subject to be shared with the Jews.
The recent intrusion in the Mosque  is a show of war and Muslims globally will never accept this and it will eventually spark a reaction from the international Muslim community.
We call on the world community to respond to the Zionist move to divide the Mosque and to stop the mosque from being surrounded by the Israel forces. The United Nations should ensure safety and security of Palestinians in the occupied territories.
According to reports, the Israeli security forces clashed with the Palestinians at the Al Aqsa mosque. The police arrested several worshippers accusing that they tried to prevent a group of Jewish settlers from entering into the mosque area.
Israel has grossly committed human rights violations and abuses in Gaza and Al Quds, resulting in unrest in the region.

We reaffirm that the Al Aqsa mosque must be protected and all restrictions banning Palestinians and worshipers to enter the Mosque must be revoked.
We regret deeply on why the neighboring Arab countries and leaders are not responding to the already escalated tense situation in Al Quds. We are also shocked  that there is yet no collective reaction from the OIC member states and neither from the OIC secretariat .
By keeping silence and witnessing the continuous attacks on the Mosque, tantamount to colluding with the Zionist to totally destroy the holy mosque .
We demand that the international  community to take a firm stand against Israel over clashes at the compound of the Jerusalem’s Al Aqsa mosque. The aggressions and violations  by the Israel forces must be halted at once. The Alqsa clashes will  have “serious consequences,” especially in the absence of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians that have been stalled since April 2014.

We call on the Malaysian goverment to initiate an immediate measure at the international level using the regional and international forums to pressure Israel to stop the attrocities on the Mosque. Being an important member state of OIC and also a member of the UN Security Council , Malaysia should put forward a motion to push Israel to stop its act of barbarism.

There can be no negotiation on the protection of the Mosque as it righfully belong to the Muslims and there will be no tolerance on the any attempt to divide Al Aqsa either in space or in allocation of time for prayers .
We urge all Islamic organizations to mobilize support to the courages Muslim youth who are still staying their ground at the Mosque to protect Al Aqsa despite the risk of being faced with harsh action by the Israeli troops. We reiterate our support to the Palestinian cause for justice and reclaiming of the territories occupied by Israel.
We urge the King of Jordan as the custodian of the Al Aqsa Mosque to revoke its diplomatic relationship with Israel , if Israel continous its act of aggression against the holy Mosque.
We demand that the EU and US take full responsibility on the attrocities on Al Aqsa and Al Haram Al Sharif compund by Israel as the Western nations has been backing Israel with economic and military assistance and thereby allowing Israel to inflict sufferings on the Palestinian and destroying the holy sites . US and EU must stop Israel from its aggression and violations on the holy Mosque.

We call upon all Muslims to rally in the cause of protecting Al Aqsa and Al Haram Al Sharif and to organize actions to pressure the wolrd community to stop the Israeli barbarism on the Mosque. We remind the Muslims that failing to do this , will consequently pay a heavy cost on the dignity of Islam and the ummah.

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