1MDB - Proposals for our beloved Rulers

Saleh Mohammed | .

Call it God has answered the prayers of many Malaysians or is it God has answered the prayers of people persecuted in the 1MDB issues.

The statement from their Royal highnesses comes as a ray of light that many have been waiting for. It was dimmed a couple months ago when the investigating bodies were somewhat crippled.

It is not often that the Rulers come out with such strong statements.

The message is loud and clear that there must be a comprehensive and transparent report soonest possible. There should not be any concealment of facts. The people should be convinced of the sincerity of the government and it should place national and the people’s concerns above their personal interests. 

I am of the view the issues are straight forward and goal posts have not been shifted. They are 1MDB, SRC International and claims that RM2.6 billion was deposited into the PM’s account. MACC, the police and Bank Negara are the investigating bodies. It used to include the Attorney General.

A lot has been said about the three issues.

I just want to add one more on SRC International (SRCI) investment in Mongolia. Looking at a report on Mongolian Coal Review in 2012 by Patersons, the area where SRCI had invested is a bit too far and it will be some time before the rail networks are developed there. TNB has an arm looking at coal investment/imports. Wouldn’t it be a cheaper alternative and a straight forward decision to let the people who has had experience to handle coal matters?

The enforcement agencies and regulatory institutions have been reminded to be worthy of God’s trust and the people’s faith in transparency, credibility and integrity. Leaders are also reminded to constantly ensure that justice is meted out equitably and transparently. For example, there were three versions of the RM2.6 billion - money in appreciation for our fight against IS, to battle DAP/Jews and political donation!

In early August, the MACC deputy chief commissioner (prevention) admitted that the agency’s investigation on the 1MDB controversy has been affected by action taken by the police against some of his officers. He confirmed that the investigation report into the alleged transfer of funds had been referred to the Attorney-General. The investigation with regards to SRC International funds amounting to RM4 billion is on-going.

Quite a number of people not directly related to 1MDB have been harassed, remanded and even charged. But those directly related, if I am not wrong, have not even been called by the investigating bodies. Some even gave excuses not to attend.

I have this funny feeling that the declaration of national philosophy instituted by royal proclamation on Merdeka Day 1970, the Rukun Negara has either been sidelined or forgotten.

Coming back to the Royal statement, I wish to ‘Memohon limpah Perkenan’ and make some proposals.


1. ‘Menjunjung duli’ I hope the Rulers will get involved by way of appointing one of the Rulers to preside the investigation process through a special body. This body is higher than a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI);

2. This body, let us call it Royal Inquiry (RI), will report to the Conference of Rulers through special sittings;

3. The RI is to be headed by someone senior in the ruling party. Since he has been asking questions and looking for answers, I would humbly propose Tan Sri Hj Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin to lead.

4. The three investigating bodies (MACC, police and BNM) to come together under the RI and to produce a holistic and comprehensive report;

5. To include the past external auditors of 1MDB and the Attorney-General (AG) into the RI;

6. Since there will be conflict of interest, it is advisable for people involved to go on leave;

7. Have a deadline - Investigations started sometime in March/April 2015 and as we are aware BNM and MACC have given their findings to the AG. It is long overdue and the AG has to decide and report to the RI on the next course of action.

As stated in the Ruler’s statement, if this issue is allowed to drag on, it could jeopardise the country’s economy and the livelihood of the people.

“Justice delayed is justice denied.”

Taking the cue from the deputy PM for UMNO members to show loyalty to the party, let us 30 million Malaysians show loyalty to our Rulers and our beloved country.

Hopefully, our respected Rulers will ‘Memperkenankan’ my proposals.

Lastly, ‘Menjunjung kasih’ to our Rulers for their deep concern on us ordinary Malaysians.

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