Obama’s concern - Horses’ Mouths – 20 November 2015

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Obama’s concern

The president ... will raise with Prime Minister Najib concerns we have about the status of the political opposition in Malaysia, the imprisonment of elements of that opposition or of free media and civil society that are such important components of democracy.

Ben Rhodes, US Deputy National Security Adviser, claiming that US President Barack Obama will "very directly" raise concerns about the status of the opposition and respect for human rights when he visits Malaysia



Nurul and Jacel Kiram


Hishamuddin Hussein, Defence Minister, finding PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar’s decision to take a photograph with self-styled Sulu princess Jacel Kiram revolting

Princess Jacel Kiram is on record strongly defending Kampung Tanduo’s armed intrusion…Meeting was a mistake! Nurul Izzah should apologise. Don’t give excuses. Remember she supported the killing of our forces and takeover (of) Sabah!

Abdul Rahman Dahlan, Kota Belud MP


They decided on the list of leaders we were to meet. I wish to reiterate my support in defending the sovereignty of Sabah as part of the Malaysian federation. Any suggestions otherwise are mere wild, unfounded and malicious allegations.

Nurul Izzah Anwar, PKR vice president, explaining that her meeting with Jacel after a photograph of the duo having dinner was uploaded by Jacel on her Facebook page



Turtle eggs in the mouth of Ismail Sabri?

I will get in touch with my lawyer to look into this.

Ismail Sabri Yaakob, Rural and Regional Development Minister, reacting after more pictures from a dinner where turtle egg was served, was published online



No debate

We do not debate and talk outside the party; we do not allow any quarters to organise the debate between the duo. This is a gag order imposed on all leaders, including Husam, Mustafa, and the organiser.

Takiyuddin Hassan, PAS secretary-general, banning the debate between its election director Mustafa Ali and Salor state assemblyperson Husam Musa



PAC’s press conference

A press conference need to be conducted when the need arises. (PAC) needs to conduct press conferences, but it's up to him if he wants to answer the questions (raised by the media).

Takiyuddin Hassan, PAS secretary general, disagree-ing with chairperson Hasan Arifin for suspending PAC press conferences in future

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