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BANDAR BARU BANGI –Late in the afternoon of Nov 11, a call came out to all personnel involved, that  there had been a landslide on the Karak Highway.

The team in maroon dropped everything they were doing and headed straight to the disaster affected area, and were among the earliest to arrive.

Alhamdulillah (All praise belongs to God), there were no injuries nor fatalities in the Karak incident, and the team numbering twenty returned safely home a couple of days later.

Leading the charge was Selangor PAS medical squad chief, Baharuddin bin Roz, a medical assistant cum paramedic  with more than decade of experience working at the emergency department at the Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM).

Commenting on the recent establishment of the squad under the Jabatan Amal, Baharuddin said the idea for its creation was first brought up in the PAS Muktamar several years ago and culminated during this year’s Muktamar in Kuala Selangor a few months back.

“In Selangor alone, we currently have 12 squads with more getting established soon. Each squad is deployed depending on the orders given by their respective youth chiefs.

“Nationally in total, we have more than 300 members involved with medical squad, he explained.

Asked whether anyone interested can be a member of the medical squad, he said priority is given to those with some medical training or background.

However, those who are interested but without expertise, they too can join, but of course, they must undergo the necessary training and monitoring to ensure they become prepared for all eventualities.

We strive to be of international standard, and thus we are closely following the syllabus for example, to attain the highest qualification possible as a paramedic for example, he added.

On the safety of those on duty, Baharuddin said that some of its members are already insured, and we intent to have all our medical squad members covered by insurance in the near future.

National medical squad deputy chief, Muhammad Khairi bin Shaharuddin, 24, said Jabatan Amal previously had a syllabus on rendering first aid and medical assistance, and it gradually expanded into a full fledged medical and rescue squad.

The qualified nurse said that in Selangor for example, in the run-up to the wet season, Selangor Jabatan Amal has held several disaster management drills and training.

Baharuddin said despite the intense interest in the services being provided by the Jabatan Amal and medical squad, they are not yet able to be on 24 hour standby and receive emergency calls from the public as of yet.

“However, as early as of next year, we will have our building ready and upon receiving additional ambulances, we will be able to offer our services to the surrounding areas.

“As our first official ambulance base is expected to be located in Section 4, Bandar Baru Bangi, once its running smoothly, it will be used as a template for other ambulance bases to established elsewhere nationally,” said Baharuddin.

To set up fully equipped ambulance basea complete with the necessary medical equipment and vehicles is not cheap, and to that end, I appeal to everyone especially those in the corporate sector to help us by sponsoring whatever they can, he explained.

Our final aim is to have a trained, professional, medical and rescue squads throughout the nation, recognised by the relevant ministries and agencies and assisting those in need regardless of race, religion, creed, colour or nationality as defined under the Geneva Convention. - ES

Anyone wanting to join the medical squad or with other queries on this matter can contact Baharuddin Roz at 012 345 5880.

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