Muhyiddin’s concern - Horses’ Mouths – 30 November 2016

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Muhyiddin’s concern

Nobody lives forever and I cannot bear the sin if I remain quiet. If they want to expel me then do so but do not ignore my contributions for 36 years.

Muhyddin Yassin, Umno deputy president, saying he is prepared to lose his position after speaking against 1MDB and the prime minister's political donation


We are gathered here and not being paid to voice support for Muhyiddin, come what may. We know the risks we face, where the party headquarters may record our names to be reported to the party leadership. But we stand united with Muhyiddin as we know he is on the right path.

Samad Ariffin, Umno Pagoh branch leader




1MDB bought the power plants together with debts of RM6 bil for RM 18 billion Ringgit. CGN pays RM 9.83 billion for 100% of the energy assets. It should be noted that at the time 1MDB purchased the power plants, the Ringgit was at 3.2 per US Dollar. It is now at 4.2 Ringgit per US Dollar. In US dollar terms the 9.83 billion Ringgit paid by the Chinese Company is worth much less than the 9.83 billion Ringgit paid by 1MDB.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad, questioning the sale of Edra Global Energy Berhad of 1MDB to CGN Group (China General Nuclear Power Corporation)


Through the sale of Edra to CGN Group (China General Nuclear Power Corporation), based on Edra March 31, 2015 financial statements, 1MDB will receive for its equity, cash of RM9.83 billion. Accordingly, through cash receipts and debt transfer, 1MDB will achieve debt reduction of up to RM17 billion, which is well within the anticipated RM16 billion to RM18 billion range per the rationalisation plan. It is important to clarify that the up to RM17 billion debt reduction is over and above the approximately RM2 billion cash dividends that 1MDB has received over time from the power assets during its ownership.

1MDB, responding to Dr Mahathir’s claim above



Vaping ban

I want the outlets to close down by January 1, 2016, and I do not want to hear any excuses. This is a question of health and its effects on young people. It has nothing to do with businesses and for sure, it has nothing to do with race. I am greatly disappointed that some people are bringing up racial threats and political threats.

Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar, Sultan of Johor, ordering a ban on vaping in the state


We usually have a weekly exco meeting on Wednesdays and we will discuss the matter if the exco brings it up. If not, we will push it to a later date to get feedback and other views before discussing the matter.

Ismail Karim, Johor state secretary


The command is welcomed by the Ministry of Health because it is in line with the aim of achieving a generation free from any practice of smoking by the year 2045.

Dr S. Subramaniam, Health Minister

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