Guidelines for Yapeim - Horses’ Mouths – 23 December 2015

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Guidelines for Yapeim

We are yet to have any guideline on best practices involving Islamic institutions.

Dr Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, on Putrajaya’s decision to form a special committee to monitor and advise Yayasan Pembangunan Ekonomi Islam Malaysia (Yapeim)



Guan Eng lied?

That is a fact. This fact is supported by documents that were sent to us (BN). The Chief Minister’s denial confirmed he lie to cover up. The lies and falsehoods created by the DAP-led government to fool the people of Penang are getting (more) serious each day.

Teng Chang Yeow, Penang BN chairman, claiming that the state Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s claim that the 25-acre land reclamation project at Bayan Bay was only approved in 2015 instead of in 2013 is yet another attempt to conceal the real facts of the case



NSC Bill passed

It (the law) has been created to improve and maintain order in the country, after taking into account all matters that have been raised, prior to this. There should be no prejudice, it is not done for any individual but for our beloved country.

Abu Zahar Ujang, Dewan Negara president, on passing the National Security Council (NSC) Bill 2015 via a voice vote Tuesday night



Victims of bus crash in Chiang Mai

Officers from our embassy in Bangkok are also in the Doi Saket district to offer help to the victims and family members. I share the grief of the families. If any of them need further information, they can contact the operations room of the Foreign Ministry at 03-88874570.

Najib Razak, announcing that the government will be sending a C130 Hercules aircraft to Thailand to bring home the remains of the 13 Malaysians killed in a bus crash in Chiang Mai



Sarawak state election

PAS has been conducting social, religious and educational programmes and receive a lot of support from the people. Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem has acknowledged the programmes that PAS conducted, which means the existence of the party here is still relevant.

Iskandar Samad, PAS vice president, announcing that the party would be contesting in at least 11 Sarawak state seats



Natural gas tariff

This revision is in line with the national rationalisation plan whereby the adjustment to the price of piped gas will take place every six months with the implementation of the gas cost pass through mechanism.

Gas Malaysia Bhd, announcing the new natural gas tariff for the non-power sector in Peninsular Malaysia, but there will be no change in the selling price for residential customers



Waterfall areas

Warning signboards (at the waterfall areas) such as on the swift currents should be put up to curb visitors from going to a deeper area.

Rohani Abdul Karim, Women, Family and Community Development Minister, calling the public to exercise caution at waterfall areas

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