Ali Tinju - Horses’ Mouths – 25 December 2015

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Ali Tinju

The rise of Ali Tinju and his type in our society is a symptom that threats and heavy-handedness are becoming a tool to suppress difference of opinion. Ali Tinju and his cohorts can be deployed at any time against anyone.

Rafizi Ramli, PKR secretary general


We have gathered strong evidence to act against Ali Tinju soon. We do not want PVATM's good name to be smeared by his irresponsible acts which also flout the constitution and administrative regulations of the association.

Lieutenant Commander (R) Jayah Said, Malaysia Armed Forces Veteran Association (PVATM) vice president, announcing that the association would sack Ali Tinju



Kevin Morais’ second autopsy

The report is a pack of lies and a manipulation of facts for an ulterior motive.

Mabel Muttiah, special officer to the Attorney General, denying allegations in an article published by whistleblower website Sarawak Report that she had a hand in stopping the second autopsy on the body of murdered deputy public prosecutor Kevin Morais



NSC Bill

The lesson we have learnt to our detriment from the repeal of the ISA which was quickly replaced by substitutes, is that power once given, is almost impossible to remove. How are our members of Parliament and senators proposing to explain the foisting of this abomination upon the country to the rakyat and to the next generation? How will they explain their role in passing a bill in a rush that undermines our parliamentary democracy and the rule of law and puts us all in peril at the behest of one person? And worse, how will they explain why they ignored that precious document that binds us, the federal constitution?

Ambiga Sreenevasan, National Human Rights Society of Malaysia (Hakam) president, on the newly approved National Security Council Bill 2015





Adenan’s message

Living in peace and harmony with each other is our tradition. I want to thank Sarawakians for recognising the need to ensure racial and religious harmony continue to prevail.

Adenan Satem, Sarawak chief minister


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