Statutory rape - Horses’ Mouths – 31 December 2015

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Statutory rape

Marriage is the most potent solution prepared by Islam in curbing this social ill. Society, specifically parents, must encourage and facilitate the marriage of their children. While the Government must help provide incentives to lessen the burden of couples planning to get married.

Dr Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali, PAS Ulama information chief, on the rising concern over the number of statutory rape cases in Malaysia



Bye-bye plastic bags

From Jan 1, consumers will have bring along their own shopping bags or the cash counters will supply them with biodegradable bags made of plant-based materials.

Md Yunos Husin, Malacca State Education, Higher Education, Science and Technology, Green Technology and Innovation chairman, declaring a total ban on plastic bags made from petroleum by-products at all supermarkets and shopping malls from Friday




The government does not propose to set up RCI on 1MDB as the existing investigation mechanism by certain agencies is sufficient and ongoing.

Azalina Othman Said, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department



Ahmad Maslan’s #2kerja

We can't spin something negatively, we have to spin it positively. If not we will be going nowhere. What I have suggested, I hope it is looked at positively and not negatively. This e-trade business and online business is the future of the country.

Ahmad Maslan, Umno information chief, claiming that his “two jobs” remark had been taken out of context as he had merely meant to suggest that Malaysians capitalise on their love for social media by venturing into an online business on top of their current jobs



WSJ’s allegation

We cannot ask questions based on allegations. We can only follow up with questions based on facts. We do not know the source of the report, how are we going to ask them? Being unreasonable cannot be the way (of how PAC conducts its interview during proceedings).

Tan Seng Giaw, Public Accounts Committee deputy chairman, telling Wall Street Journal (WSJ) to submit the evidence on 1MDB to Public Accounts Committee (PAC) so it could follow up with the relevant parties at the hearing of the state-owned strategic fund



Selangor’s councillors’ term

(Amanah central committee member) Khalid Samad is talking nonsence; no such extension has been given.

Ean Yong Hian Wah, Selangor executive councillor, denying that the term of the 288 local councillors will be extended for another two months



TV news channel

Although we already have the news channel Bernama TV which operates 24 hours (through the Astro satellite), there are still issues created by certain parties which must be fully clarified based on correct and accurate facts. As such, RTM is planning to start a TV news channel to help disseminate information so that the public, including those in rural areas, are not confused, especially on national issues. There is no question of an overlap of functions betweenBernama TV and RTM‘s new channel, in fact they can support each other.

Salleh Said Keruak, Communications and Multimedia Minister

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