Bauxite and red sea - Horses’ Mouths – 5 January 2016

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Bauxite and red sea

Findings have found that it is not related to Sungai Pengorak as Sungai Balok and Sungai Tunggak are not even connected with Sungai Pengorak at Kuantan Port.

Khasbullah A Kadir, Kuantan Port Consortium (KPC) CEO, denying that the "red sea" at Pantai Balok and Pantai Batu Hitam, Kuantan was caused by bauxite mining activities



Ahmad Maslan’s new tune

My twitter tagline is now #TambahPendapatan and is different from the previous hashtag #2Kerja.

Ahmad Maslan, Deputy International Trade and Industry



No open tender

I am stressing that Menteri Besar Azmin Ali is lying. I challenge you, Azmin, to declassify it and apologise. not to me, but to the public whom you have been lying to.

Badrul Hisham Shahrin, activist, accusing Selangor government of 'lying' over the tender of a land- clearing contract on two plots land where electricity pylons are to be built by Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB)



Not a pleaser

With each year, I hope that every word I utter and every action I take is based on maturity. I cannot please all the parties, but I will try to do my best to all quarters.

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Deputy Prime Minister, on his birthday’s wish


So Zahid has about two-and-a-half years to work on securing his position of Deputy Prime Minister by making sure that be becomes the party’s Deputy President. If not he would be Deputy Prime Minister for just three years and would not see 2020 as Najib’s number two. And if Zahid fails to become the Deputy President then the matter would be out of Najb’s hands and would be in the hands of the party.

Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Malaysia Today owner, predicting what will happen in 2.5 years time in Umno



MACC chief

Tan Sri Abu Kassim holds to his decision that he will not bow to pressure from any parties unless it is by his own decision to leave because of health reasons. There is no pressure from any parties asking him to end his tenure in MACC.

Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), insisting that its chief commissioner Abu Kassim Mohamed will not step down from his position



Mara Digital Mall’s middleman

There are two kinds of products sold here but both must go through WGN in order to guarantee its authenticity. Even if the tenants can source their product directly from the principal company, for example in China, the items must still be vetted by WGN.

Ismail Sabri Yaakob, Rural and Regional Development Minister Ismail Sabri Yaacob, claiming that the authenticity of all IT products sold at the newly opened Mara Digital will be vetted and guaranteed by a bumiputera-owned company appointed to manage its tenants

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