Cashless tolls - Horses’ Mouths – 6 January 2016

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Cashless tolls

On average, the manual toll collection is 360 transactions per hour, compared to 1,000 transactions using the Smart Tag, and over 700 transactions using Touch n Go.

Zainudin A Kadir, Association of Highway Concessionaires Malaysia (PSKLM) president, on why 21 highways in the Klang Valley will implement the fully electronic toll payment system by the end of this year



Shortage of funds

The state election is soon. We are so determined to make a change but we realised that we are very short of funds.

Dr Tan Yee Kew, PKR treasurer-general, claiming the party is short of funds for the upcoming Sarawak state election



Baggage limit

This is the case with our long-range A380 aircraft to London which has been able to resume normal services. However, baggage limitations still apply on our flights to Amsterdam and Paris operated by the B777 aircraft. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide the necessary updates.

Malaysia Airlines System, on limiting baggage for flights to Paris and Amsterdam due to unseasonably strong head winds



Country’s military base at stake?

I urge Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to personally explain these issues as soon as possible as a sovereign nation should not allow foreign companies to be involved in matters involving our military equipment and facilities.

Rafizi Ramli, Pandan MP, raising a poser over 1MDB's sale of Bandar Malaysia to a consortium comprising a China-based company and a local firm: will the sale expose the country's military bases to China?


The agreement executed between the parties on December 31, 2015 provides for a robust and objective mechanism to determine, among others, the final project equity value, which will be different from the agreed land sale value.

Arul Kanda, 1MDB president, clarifying that adjustments will be made to the RM7.41 billion value in the China Railway Engineering Corp and Iskandar Waterfront Holdings buyout of its 60% stake in Bandar Malaysia



AG’s neutrality

I will study (the investigation papers) according to the law.

Mohamed Apandi Ali, Attorney General, insisting that he would study investigation papers on the RM2.6 billion political donation and SRC International according to the law



Red sea

It is clear that KPC is not the cause of the ‘red sea’. Besides, we have taken measures to filter the water from the port to Sungai Pengorak. It must have come from a different source like mining activities and stockpiling of ore outside the port, which is beyond our control.

Khasbullah A. Kadir, Kuantan Port Consortium (KPC) CEO, denying responsibility for the recent “red sea” phenomenon at a river mouth and beach here

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