Not even Nevsky knows how bad things will get - or for how long

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The decision by Nevsky Capital, a London-based hedge fund, to close down shows that the global economy is simply a mystery at the moment

Hedge funds close down all the time and the past couple of years have been a particular torrid time for the alternative investment sector. So why did the winding up of Nevsky Capital , a London-based hedge fund that focuses on emerging markets, catch the eye?

For one thing hedge funds usually run up the white flag after they’ve lost pots of money. Not so Nevsky. The past two years haven’t been vintage it lost 1.4pc in 2014 and eked out a 0.4pc profit last year but it still outperformed most of its peers (which, according to the Absolute Return Composite Index, lost an estimated 0.09pc in 2015 on average).

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