G25, Islam and The Holy Quran

Musa Ismail, Advocate & Solicitor | .

G25’s recent cauldron of spirited remarks and views on Islam are not only grossly provocative but brazenly incendiary to Muslims. Those in the ranks of G25 are fortunate that such inflammable remarks are made on Malaysian soils, if it is elsewhere in Europe, they would have suffered the same fate as those who had miserably succumbed to the hail of gunfire.  Thanks God, Malaysian Muslims are docile and peace-loving, but for how long…..only Allah knows best, for patience has its graceful limits. Do not push it.

There are indeed no plain and justifiable reasons as to why the apostles of G25 sparked the fire of hatred against Islam. Perhaps the followings may douse the raging fire in their heart:-

That Islam is no new religion.  It is over 1400 years old, a religion which had given and transformed the savage and uncultured pagan Arabs into one of the finest civilisations the world had ever known. Islam, through the Beloved Prophet Muhammad BPUH, had given the Arabs an unprecedented upheaval of a new family, social, economic, monetary, financial, trading, legal, judicial, political and governmental systems based on a faith in One Almighty God. Islam could and had gracefully turned men into “angels walking on earth”, refined in moral characters and with aptitude for seeking knowledge and penchant for high learning. In short, Islam maketh a man into a gentleman more than the “gentlemen of the Victorian age”.

That Islam cured the evil enchantments and buried forever the beliefs in paganism and placed on its altar a refined true belief in One Great God, the Master of the Universe. Polytheism and the worshipping of man-god, a multitude of goddess and deities carved out of statutes was singlehandedly erased by Islam from the face of the Arabian peninsula.

That Islam is a religion of peace, love and a respecter of persons. Islam had never invaded any nation by way of force. There is no compulsion in Islam. Accusations that Islam expanded its empire of faith by way of “the gleaming sword of Islam” is utterly baseless, malicious  and without an iota of historical proof. Please read the Holy Quran, the word “saiful” in Arabic  meaning  sword has not been mentioned at all in the rsplendent pages of the Holy Quran.  Not even one time! All the battles fought by the earlier Muslims were merely perfectly defensive. It was the enemies of Islam who prompted the wars at all times.

That it is a cardinal principle in Islam that in any battle, the killings of non-combatants, civilian, women and childrens are strictly prohibited. Muslims soldiers could not destroy churches, synagogues, temples and places of worship. Prisoners of war could not be tortured, denied food and the decent facilities of life. Their human rights are to be respected. Imagine Islam had unceremoniously laid down the Principles Of Human Rights 1400 years ago which was unknown to the world then. Our modern Doctrine of Human Rights was thought of only less than a hundred years ago. In America slavery was only recently abolished whereat Abraham Lincorn’s life was sacrificed at the altar of human right and freedom.

That Islam had over 1400 years ago elevated the status of women to equal to that of men when in the whole of Europe then women were mere chattels, a personal property under the command and control of their husbands. They could not vote and participate in the affairs of the Government.

In Islam by a decree in the Holy Quran a woman was a free person, she could own property and conduct business under her own name and account. A woman could participate in the policy-making of the Islamic State. Once, an unknown woman challenged the Caliph’s policy on women affairs promulgated by the Caliph, Umar Al-Khattab. After listening to her, Umar Al-Khattab revised the policy and tailored it according to the woman’s suggestion. Where in the world at that time could we find such beautiful concept of democracy being fully practised enjoyed by the citizens in the Islamic Empire. 

Yes! it is all in the Holy Quran. Only the present Muslims abandon and refuse to apply all the pearls of wisdom in the Holy Quran relying instead in the Western principles of democracy, socialism, human and fundamental rights, liberalism, nihilism, capitalism, monopoly, oligarchy etc. Read the Holy Quran, the Miracle of Miracles, everything is provided for and nothing is left untouched. You be humbly amazed!

Finally look at the founder of Islam, the Beloved Prophet Muhammad BPUH. He is man of god who loves humanity and is ever willing to sacrifice his life for the ideals he stands for. He loves and is courteous to his family, his neighbours, his community and even his enemies. He leads a humble life and marries several Muslim women to help them and to assist raise their orphan little children. He is close to the poor and the less-privileged. He is the head of state, religious teacher, an army commander, a loving father, a tender husband, a gentle person and plays with children in the open.

While the heads of states during his times enjoyed a palatial residence and all the pomps and splendours of royal riches, wealth, high standing and respects, the Beloved Prophet BPUH’s home was a mere small humble abode with some basic needs. He slept on bed made of dates’ leaves. His clothes were no different  than the common man. He stitched his own torn clothes. He had no grand palace, no palace guards, no large stable of horses, no stack of gold, no lavish state dinners and no high-state parties and no gathering of high-powered state officials. Imagine at that time  the Emperor of Rome resided in a hugh palace with 12,000 palace guards and indulged in all the luxuries of  royal life with uncounted material wealth at his disposal.   

Now, do the G25 apostles believe that their philosphy-world view is the finest and most sublimed. Are they infallible? Who are they to tell us that the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Beloved Prophet BPUH are not good enough as a Guide of life? Who are they to tell us to emulate their corrigible ways of life? Are they the Gurus in this mundane life? Is Islam offending their ways of life? What have Allah and the Beloved Prophet BPUH done to them prompting them to turn into hungry vultures in the desert preying on the carcass of Islam? 

G25 should not judge Islam by looking at the moral conduct of the present Muslims, not even the Muslims in Saudi Arabia. And if you do, you would definitely get the wrong impression of the pure teachings of Holy Quran and Islam. My view is that all Muslim nations have not practised fully the entire “Words of God” in their lives and in the administration and management of their countries. Muslim countries have forlornly neglected the Holy Quran and adopted the Western philosophy in their national lives. The natural consequences - they are now weak, not united, killing each other and constantly herded around like domesticated cows by the Kafirun particularly the United States Of America and the United Nations. How unfortunate!

My advise to the apostles of G25 is, please read the entire verses of the Holy Quran with an open unprejudiced mind and understand its true blessed meanings. Be intellectual. Get advice and instructions from a qualified ustaz. Read further the entire stories and episodes (Sunnah) of the marvellous prophetic life and magnificient mission of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad BPUH. That’s done, be rest assured that you would not do what you are doing now towards Islam. To reminisce, we are physically merely homo sapiens with brain. Without guidance from the Almighty (the Holy Quran) we walk this earth only to gratify our physical desires and lusts just like any other animals in their natural habitat. But as human, we need the victuals for our ravenous souls...Read the Holy Quran, it reminds, awakens and whispers the soul to the greatness and sublimity of Allah the Magnificient. After all the word “Read” was the first Divine Word of Allah inspired to the Beloved Prophet Muhammad BPUH through Archangel Gabriel. Aamiin.


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