Revised budget - Horses’ Mouths – 29 January 2016

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Budget 2016 revised

The Government remains committed to maintaining the fiscal consolidation measures for 2016, which is to achieve a GDP target of 3.1%. Our country's debt will be reduced and will not exceed 55% of the GDP. The Government also has no plans to impose capital controls and peg the Ringgit.

Najib Razak, stressing that Malaysia not resort to imposing capital controls and pegging the Ringgit, such as was done during the 1997-1998 financial crisis for this looming economy crisis


To me, this is a good step because there are many people who still have the buying power to purchase homes costing upto RM300,000. If we open it to all, perhaps those who have not been able to buy homes will be left out. 

Shafie Abdullah, Uda Holdings chairman, on the move to limit the sale of homes costing RM300,000 to first-time buyers in the revised Budget 2016


Members and employers can download the Notis KWSP 17A Khas 2016 from EPF’s website from Feb 2. The new monthly contribution rate (Schedule Three) can be downloaded from Feb 16.

Employees Provident Fund, announcing that workers have the option of retaining their 11% contribution to EPF despite the three percentage point reduction announced in the revised budget on Thursday


Economy-wise, the country needs more spending rather than savings. The steps announced clearly shows that the government encourages more spending by the people.

Dr Evan Lau, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak Economics and Business Faculty Associate Professor



AG’s verdict on Najib

For the sake of clarity, the Attorney General's powers over all criminal proceedings are conferred on him by Article 145(3) of the Federal Constitution. These powers are absolute and cannot be challenged by any authority.

Abu Kassim Mohamed, Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission chief, insisting that the commission is not disputing or challenging the Attorney General's clearance of cases against the Prime Minister as its powers are absolute


I was a member of a special committee to oversee the MACC in 2008-13. AFAIK (as far as I know), PPO doesn't have the locus standi to review AG's decision.

Abdul Rahman Dahlan, Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister, claiming that the Operational Evaluation Panel (PPO) does not have the locus standi to review the Attorney-General’s decision


MACC has five independent panels that look after them, and we have no authority to engage with the A-G, what we can do is to advise, as our views represent the people.

Musa Hassan, MACC's Operation Review Panel and Special Panel member, stressing that the panel "can merely advise the MACC" to communicate with the A-G over the decision to close the two cases

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