Bangladeshi workers - Horses’ Mouths – 19 February 2016

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Bangladeshi workers

Let me discuss with Zahid when I get back.

Najib Razak, Prime Minister, saying that he would discuss with Deputy Prime Minister Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi on government’s decision to recruit 1.5 million Bangladeshis


There is no issue here. The policy still stands today not to allow them to come in.

Siringan Gubat, Sabah Human Resource Development and Information Technology Minister, stressing that the state government is clear about its policy not to bring in Bangladeshi workers



The corrupt and selfish

A country is not wrecked simply because the rakyat ask for higher wages to feed himself, his family, wife, and children. However, the country will be wrecked if it is controlled by those who betray trust, are corrupt and only care for themselves, at the expense of public interest.

Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin, Perlis Mufti, warning that the country would be destroyed if it falls under the control of people who are corrupt and self-interested



Sink together

For those who feel they are powerful, strong and protected, remember that power does not last forever. It will not be just the prime minister who will be held responsible when the chips are down. All those who conspired, collaborated and benefited will be dragged down together.

A Kadir Jasin, former New Straits Times Press group chief editor, warning that Najib Abdul Razak's backers will be dragged down with the prime minister when his day of reckoning arrives




The perception held by the public now is because they are exposed to a lot of negative news and news which have been politicised. But it is up to us as enforcement agencies to show the public that we are transparent in carrying out our duties.

Musa Hassan, former IGP, reminding that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission must work according to procedures, otherwise there may be parties which could be unfairly victimised



Bank Negara

The country needs an organisation like a central bank that is not drawn to any political development or agenda and remained focused on ensuring financial and economic stability, so that policies will be directed to achieve what is in the best interest for our country.

Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz, Bank Negara Malaysia governor



Water supply distruption

In order to minimise inconvenience to consumers, water supply has been delivered through tankers to the affected areas.

Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Syabas), announcing that several areas in Kuala Langat and Sepang are experiencing water supply disruption after the Bukit Tampoi water treatment plant was shut down at 8am due to pollution in Sungai Langat yesterday

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