Goodbye to TMI - Horses’ Mouths – 15 March 2016

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Goodbye to TMI

The Edge Media Group has decided to shut down The Malaysian Insider from midnight today, for commercial reasons. Perhaps it is fitting that we go offline at the start of the Ides of March.

Jahabar Sadiq, The Malaysian Insider CEO, on why the news portal had to close down




We have a very solid financial system, especially a banking sector that intermediates all these financial flows, and just like Thailand, we have a very large bond market. So all these factors intermediate these flows.

Zeti Akhtar Aziz, Bank Negara Malaysia governor, predicting that the ringgit will reflect the true fundamentals in the medium term with the country continuing to have a current account surplus



Dr M and Petronas

Actually, I had resigned from Petronas quite some time ago. But Petronas refused to accept my resignation or the allowance which I sent back. I resigned then because I did not think I should be a non-advising adviser and being paid for doing nothing.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad, claiming he had put in his resignation from Petronas long before the Cabinet unanimously agreed to remove him as the company's advisor



Hot weather

The meeting will also discuss the need for cloud seeding and whether schools should be closed if weather conditions worsen.

Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar, Natural Resources and Environment Ministry, on an emergency meeting to discuss measures to address the hot and dry weather



Arrest of Aussie journalists

In today’s world, which is exposed to possible threats by the Daesh militant group, security of leaders is a priority, hence it (security) must be tightened.

Noor Rashid Ibrahim, Deputy IGP, insisting that it was appropriate to arrest the two Australian journalists who broke through a security cordon and tried to aggressively approach Prime Minister Najib Razak in Kuching



Working with Najib

I clarified with Datuk Azizah today, what was said yesterday was that Keadilan was willing to work with anybody committed to the reform. No name mentioned.

Azmin Ali, PKR deputy president, attempting to control damage over his president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail’s remark that she was willing to work with Prime Minister to save Malaysia



Working with Dr M

I don’t believe he is sincere about instituting reform when he was the architect of the system in the first place and had allowed his party to thrive on it. What happens after Najib is toppled? Will the person who takes over continue to take advantage of the rotten system?

Kee Thuan Chye, political writer

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