PCA: Ruling coalition remains oblivious to opposition to detention without trial

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Human Rights group Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) has expressed disappointment on the inability to the ruling coalition to understand that the introduction of law which provided for detention without trial is not going to be a popular move.


"As expected the government continues to be hell bent and oblivious to the protest by many quarters so that (such) act will not be legislated," Suaram coordinator Syukri Razab said.


In a statement Apr 2, Syukri pointed out that as of last week the Prevention of Crime(Amendment and Extension) Act 2013 (PCA) would come into effect.
Syukri said its unfortunate that Malaysia continue to be under the grip of draconian laws such as the PCA, the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012, (SOSMA) and the Dangerous Drug Act 1985(DDA) after it got itself off the hook from the grips of the Internal Security Act(ISA).


PCA will allows for a suspect to be detain for 40 days for investigation and after that a two year detention.


Syukri said PCA is akin to the ISA that it allowed for anyone to be detained without going through the due legal process."This is clearly in violation of Article 10 and 11 of the International Universal Human Rights Declaration 1948," Syukri said.


He said as a preparation for the Act, the group would open up a hotline for anyone to report any case involving the PCA, SOSMA and DDA at 01111722557. He said Suaram would also offer consultation and legal advice for families of those involved.


PCA was passed in Parliament last October and its enforcement is allegedly in response to the public's concern and their desire in wanting to see more effective action to combat crime.

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