Will Mahathir clear his name over Memali?

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Former deputy Prime Minister Musa Hitam’s recent revelation that he was in town when the Memali incident took place has put Dr Mahathir Mohamad in a fix.


For DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang, Musa’s allegation is good enough to reinforce the case to establish a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the bloody Memali incident on Nov 19, 1985 that saw 18 killed, including PAS imam Ibrahim Mahmood, better known as Ibrahim Libya and four policemen.


The Gelang Patah MP said the RCI would provide a closure to the family of the victims including a proper recompense and also unearth the truth for Malaysians, especially on “who counter-manded the directive given by Musa as the Home Minister to the police to avoid violence and bloodshed in the arrest of Ibrahim Libya.”


“The only person who is more senior to Musa, who was DPM and Home Minister, in the administration at the time was Mahathir, the Prime Minister himself.


Did Mahathir countermand Musa’s directive to the police to avoid violence and bloodshed in the arrest of Ibrahim Libya, and if not, would he support a Royal Commission of Inquiry to establish the truth?” urged Lim in a statement.


To date, Mahathir had only responded by saying that he would have to check the truth about Musa’s allegation that he was indeed in Kuala Lumpur during the Memali incident and not China, as what believed by Malaysians over the past 29 years.


Meanwhile, Suaram advisor Kua Kia Soong insisted that Mahathir’s whereabouts during the time was immaterial because Musa, Mahathir and the then Inspector General of Police were collectively responsible for the Memali incident.


“Collective responsibility binds those in the relevant positions of power together. Thus the Home Minister has to take full responsibility for such an executive action as well as Amin Osman, the then Acting Inspector General of Police at the time, for his role in executing the bloody plan,” he said.

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