Stop transferring teachers over perceived political affiliations

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Some 70 school teachers in Bachok, Kelantan is due to be transferred beginning Apr 16 for various reasons including their or their spouses perceived political affiliation to the opposition, Bachok parliamentary member Ahmad Marzuk Shaary said.


Ahmad Marzuk said he had obtained a allegedly "secret document" stating the reasons for the affected teacher's transfers.


The document he pointed out was said to be authentic.


In a press conference held at the parliament lobby here Apr 8, Ahmad Marzuk called for an investigation into the matter.


He also pointed out that last year he had brought a similar issue when several teachers were transferred due to what was believed to be a political interference.


The minister concerned then rejected any foul play.


“The transfer of teachers without a valid reason is against the education democracy. This sort of activity should be stopped and professionalism should be upheld,” he said.


He urged Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin to investigae the matter and take stern action against those concerned.


He added that his side are prepared to submit all the documents and proof in relation to the school teacher transfers to the Education ministry.


Also present at the press conference was Batu parliamentary member Tian Chua, Bukit Gantang parliamentary member Idris Ahmad and Bayan Baru Sim Tze Tzin.


Tian Chua said it is ridiculous to transfer teachers based on political reasons.


Reading from the document, Tian Chua said that reasons given for the transfers were stated as, “the husband is involved in opposition party campaigning”, “supporting in opposition convoy” and “teachers who openly claim to be supporting the opposition party”.


Sim said the information was ‘shocking’ and hopes the education ministry will investigate the matter.

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