Khalid: I listen to Anwar but…

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Abdul Khalid Ibrahim is a man of his own. In his campaign message, the Selangor Menteri Besar said although he is very close to Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, but he makes his own decision.



“There’re suggestions from Anwar which I accept, and there were those which I listened but rejected,” Khalid was quoted saying by Malay tabloid Sinar Harian.


According to him, the action was not sign of rudeness but showed his character of leadership in accepting proposals and criticisms.


Khalid, who is contesting for PKR deputy presidency against incumbent Azmin Ali and secretary general Saifuddin Nasution, believed his experience would help the party greatly.


“I also want to contribute my experience and what I do in Selangor for the party. That’s what I wanted and it can be coupled with Anwar and PKR president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail,” he added.


PKR in dire need of some reform, said Khalid, in order to compete with the federal government.


“In our leaderships, we must have people who can discuss and not yes-men only. I feel that Anwar needs such people, and we need a balance to govern. I have the experience in administration, assets and human resources management while Anwar is sharp in politics.


This balance can help us capturing Putrajaya in the next general election,” he stressed.


On the other hand, Khalid ticked off several PKR leaders who were absent from the state assembly sitting to campaign for the upcoming party election.


“I hope they remember their responsibility for the people,” he added.

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