Perak Islamic Affairs Dept urged to act against "bomoh"

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Perak PAS youth chief Raja Ahmad Iskandar is urging the state Islamic Affairs Department to act against Datuk Ibrahim Mat Zin, alleged to be a shaman or a "Raja Bomoh", for performing "ritual" that Raja Ahmad viewed to be unIslamic.


Raja Ahmad pointed out that there is an indication that an investigation paper had been opened against Ibrahim through the announcement made by the State Islamic Education Committee chairman Mohd Nizar Zakaria.


In a statement Apr 14, however he pointed out that an official statement on the matter was only made on Apr 4 with regard to an incident near the leaning clock of Teluk Intan taking place on March 16.


He said since then there was another "ritual" taking place on March 26 near Pulau Sembilan and before that in Parit on March 24.


He also pointed out that on Apr 9 Ibrahim was featured in a Youtube clip, wanting to go to Australia to look for the victims of the missing flight MH370.


He said the state religious department and the state government should act against Ibrahim to ensure that he would not drag down the good name of Malaysia or Perak specifically.


Raja Ahmad questioned why it took the state religious department so long to act against the alleged shaman. He also said according to an insider information no such investigation paper had been opened against the shaman.


In a statement posted on what believed to be his social media page, Ibrahim March 10 his service was a traditional healing the "Islamic" way and that the and his followers had non-stop performing prayers and reading a chapter of the Quran for the missing flight.

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