Anwar questions Najib on radar failure and ‘secret’ origin of mangosteen on MH370

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Responding to Prime Minister Najib Razak’s scathing attack using a misquoted quote of his, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim responded with two questions pertaining to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.



Firstly, Anwar said acting Transport Minister Hishamuddin Hussein should answer why Marconi radar failed to detect MH370 when it turned back to Peninsular Malaysia.


“How could the five states have missed it? This is wrong and the negligence can disrupt national security. Why the hundreds millions radar in Gong Kedak failed?”


Secondly, Anwar questioned on the mysterious four tonnes of mangosteen carried by flight MH370 and the government’s refusal to release cargo manifest from MH370.


“Does the world accept the fact that there were four tonnes of mangosteen outside of the season for mangosteen? Don’t know if there’s a warehouse which keeps the mangosteens,” he quipped.


Touching on Najib’s attack based on his comment made to Chinese daily Southern Weekly, claiming he could have solved the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 mystery “in one second if he was prime minister”, Anwar accused the Prime Minister of twisting his words.


Anwar said the interview was wrongly translated and what he meant was it would take one second for him to take immediate action and ensure flow of information if he was the prime minister.


“Bernama made the wrong translation of the Southern Weekly. It’s the usual UMNO’s type-of-slander to attack without referring to the actual quote,” he chided.

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