Supporters Wing to help in explaining hudud

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PAS Supporters Wing (DHPP) has no problem with the plan to implement the Islamic criminal law of hudud in Kelantan and lend its support for the move.


Vice chairman Vincent Lee said the Islamic criminal law of hudud would only be applicable to Muslims and therefore non-Muslims should not be concerned over the move.


He however felt that the move should be explained thoroughly to non-Muslims including DHPP members.


"DHPP is ready to explain it to the non-Muslims but PAS must take the initiative to explain hudud to DHPP members because lots of them are still unclear about hudud," he said.


"If DHPP members are not aware and concerned about hudud, then how could we explain it to others? So the first step for PAS is to explain it to DHPP members to ensure that they are completely ready and understand the law," he said.


Lee said the non-Muslim community in the country was concerned about the law because they feared that it would affect their daily lives.


He gave the example of a hair saloon where hairdressers were not allowed to do haircuts for the opposite sex.


"They think that that was also part of hudud, when actually it was under a different enactment. That is just one of the examples, there are others that they fear would affect their lives," he said.


Vincent stressed as such DHPP could be the bridge between PAS and the non-Muslims with regard to the Islamic criminal law of hudud in line with the objectives of its formation.- ES

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